Fury over 'nasty' Edwina Super Bowl meme

Sportsbet has come under fire after making a “nasty” meme accusing Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew of “pretending” to know about the Super Bowl.

The TV personality became the butt of the gambling outlet’s joke when it slapped the caption “Aussie reporter on junket pretends to know about the NFL,” on a screenshot of her reporting live from the Houston event.

Edwina Bartholomew found herself the butt of Sportsbet's joke. Source: Twitter

The Sunrise presenter travelled to Houston to report on the Super Bowl. Source: Getty

It then implied that she didn’t even know the name of NFL star Tom Brady by including the quote, “Everybody’s talking about Matt Brady of the Atlanta Patriots…”

Sunrise executive producer Michael Pell leapt to her defence, tweeting Sportsbet: “You know she didn’t say that. You’ve done this before. It’s not funny.

“It’s actually just nasty. Stick to doing the odds.”

Sunrise executive producer Michael Pell leapt to Edwina's defence. Source: Twitter

And he has since gone on to brand the meme “fake news”, telling the Daily Telegraph the incident was “totally misleading and uncalled for.”

For its part, Sportbet has insisted the post was meant to be “satirical”, and has apologised for any offence caused.

“It wasn’t specific to Edwina,” a spokesperson told the publication. “We’re very sorry if anyone was upset by it.”

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