Big night, Eddie?

Over in LA to cover the Oscars for Sunrise, last night was a big one for Edwina Bartholomew.

And her Channel Seven co-stars Samantha Armytage and David “Kochie” Koch couldn’t help but tease the star on this morning’s show.

“Poor Eddie is going to be sick. Poor Eddie is so sick,” giggled Sam during a live feed from LA.

Eddie slapped on a smile for the morning after the night before. Source: Sunrise

But Sam and Kochie accused her of having a hangover. Source: Sunrise

“Are you really hungover Eddie?” asked Kochie before Sam joked, “She’s got the worst hangover.”

“Look at the pupils in your eyes,” remarked Kochie.

Eddie, 33, then leapt to her own defence, arguing that “when Hugh Jackman invites you to a party you have to say yes.”

Eddie joked that she'd been invited to Hugh Jackman's party. Source: Sunrise

But ever the pro, the presenter admitted she was joking, revealing that she'd actually steered clear of the parties.

“I’m just kidding, I have a bad… no, I have a very bad cold,” she said. “I did not hit the town last night, I’m just a bit sick.”

The night before she dazzled in a stunning Cappelleza Couture gown. Source: Instagram

But her colleagues weren’t having any of it.

“You fibber!” blasted Kochie, while Sam teased her for using age-old excuses.

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“I had a bad prawn,” she mocked. “I had a bad donut.”

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