MAFS Nicole: 'I felt unsafe'

They semmingly hit it off straight away, but Married At First Sight star Nicole Heir has revealed she felt "unsafe" with TV husband Craig Keller after he became "abusive".

MAFS Nicole: 'I felt unsafe'

MAFS Nicole: 'I felt unsafe'

Nicole, who appeared in the reality series alongside Keller last year, says she opted to stay with a friend after the ex-navy man came home “highly intoxicated” and sporting a new tattoo after a night out with friends.

Nicole has admitted she felt unsafe with Keller. Source: Channel Nine

The couple seemingly hit it off to start with. Source: Channel Nine

Opening up about their relationship, the 28-year-old claims Keller's behaviour on the series was fuelled by alcohol and prescription medication and was much worse than what was aired.

“He was off work on compo [worker’s compensation] so he’d been taking strong pain relief... with alcohol and no sleep,” Nicole has told

“I came home from work [on Friday evening] and the house was a pigsty, there was smashed glass ... he’d been drinking all day."

It was at that point that Nicole says she began to ask producers if they should cancel a dinner party they’d planned to host that evening for some of Keller’s friends.

“I was like, ‘I don’t know if we can go ahead — he’s obviously not well'. They [producers] eventually called it off."

Adding that she "didn't feel safe" staying in the same accommodation as Keller, Nicole went to a friend's place but refused to elaborate on why she decided to leave.

Nicole went to stay with friends instead of her TV husband. Source: Channel Nine

“I don’t know how much of that I’m allowed to say... it wasn’t just me walking out after him having drinks with his friends," she said.

Nicole continued, saying that while the producers were keen to get the footage of the fallout between herself and her husband, the situation soon got out of control.

“One of the producers actually got threatened by him [Keller] that night as well... he was really disrespectful and abusive."

However Keller has hit back at his former bride's claims, taking to Instagram to deny Nicole's allegations and labelling them as "straight up lies from someone who can't move on with their unhappy life."

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Keller hit back at Nicole's claims. Source: Instagram

"This absolutely disgusts me on a cellular level. Straight up lies from someone who can't move on with their unhappy life. After over a year these destructive claims are made that are so untrue just so she can keep her nose in the spotlight," he wrote in the lengthy post.

"This mentally destroys people just so someone can make a dollar. There were obviously alterier (sic) motives for her on the show as to why shes out being proud of dating gable toste where as i have continued my pursuit for love and found it with my beautiful girlfriend and kids.

"You can run from adversity or you can embrace it. I choose to embrace it!! I have moved on from the show and the person I was matched with for good reason and i couldnt be happier. I want to express my love to my family, friends and all the lovely people I've met along the way. I love all of you and words can not express how much your support means too me (sic)," he concluded.

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