Jen 'hires bodyguards' over Trump fears

She's previously spoken about her bond with Donald Trump, but now Jennifer Hawkins has reportedly hired bodyguards over fears her friendship with the controversial President makes her a target.

During a recent Myer runway show the 33-year-old model was followed closely by a security guard as she hit the catwalk and now sources close to Jen say the increase in protection is because she feels a "real threat to her life".

A bodyguard stands close-by to Jen during the runway show. Source: Instagram

New reports suggest the model hired extra security because she feels she's a target. Source: Instagram

Having previously described Trump as a "brilliant businessman", their friendship is reportedly the reason behind the increase in security, according to Woman's Day.

"Sources believe they were trying to cover up a frightening truth," the publication reported.

"Some believe it could be her famously close relationship with US president Donald Trump that is the cause of the new fears, rather than the attention of overzealous fans."

However her management dismissed the claims, saying the security was standard protocol.

Trump was part-owner of the Miss Universe pageant when Jen was crowned in 2004. Source: Getty

Trump kisses Jen during the Miss Universe 2004 pageant. Source: Getty

"It's protocol for us to have security at any event with Jen when the public is involved. Booking security is like booking hair and make-up," a spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph.

Trump co-owned Miss Universe in 2004, the year Jen won the pageant, with the pair striking up a close friendship in the years following her crowning.

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During his Presidential campaign, Jen refused to speak about Trump's venture into politics and his controversial policies.

"Jennifer is not interested and will not be commenting on Donald Trump. She is not interested in getting involved in the politics," a statement from the model read.

However Jen had been known to jump to the defense of her pal in the past, calling him everything from "respectful" to "inspiring".

Jen has previously Donald Trump "inspiring". Source: Getty

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