Nicole on shooting 'painful' abuse scenes

Aussie superstar Nicole Kidman is currently wowing viewers in HBO’s hit drama Big Little Lies, in which she plays a woman in an abusive relationship.

Nic has opened up about shooting the difficult scenes with co-star Alexander Skarsgard, who plays her husband in the show.

Nicole has opened up about shooting domestic violence scenes in Big Little Lies. Source: Getty

“After we shot some of the really, really violent scenes, I was in a lot of pain myself. My body was. It was very strange. It was very uncomfortable. It wasn’t a good feeling, I have to say,” the 49-year-old told Vulture.

Alexander and Nicole play a couple in the show. Source: HBO

“But women go through this, so I wanted to tap into the truth of it, and I wanted to be real in those scenes, so that’s what it required - an element of violence.”

The scenes left Nic "bruised and battered". Source: HBO

The star told the publication that she and Alexander, 40, didn’t use body doubles while shooting their fight scenes.

The actress is still emotionally "raw" after making the show. Source: HBO

“I was pretty beat up myself. It wasn’t good. I feel weird talking about it. I’m not comfortable because…I don’t like dissecting it too much. It’s probably one of the hardest roles I’ve had to talk about because I’m still very raw about it.”

Alexander and Nic didn't use body doubles for their fight scenes. Source: Getty

The interview came after Nicole’s recent chat with KIIS FM hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, in which they quizzed her about filming raunchy scenes with Alexander.

Keith was concerned when Nicole came home from shooting. Source: Getty

"What was the feedback from your husband Keith Urban during the grinding graphic sex scenes with you and that other clown?" shock jock Kyle asked.

Nic stars in the show alongside Shailene Woodley and Reese Witherspoon. Source: HBO

"Now no one wants to see their woman with Skarsgard let me tell you that."

Nicole responded, "You are so provocative Kyle!".

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When Kyle prompted for a more elaborate response, the actress obliged: "He gets that it’s work.

"When I would come home after shooting it, he was pretty shaken, because it was really tough doing the role and I would get really bruised and battered particularly as it goes along so he was actually emotionally protective," she said.

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