Blake crashes Ryan's man-date

It’s the bromance that has captivated the world – and now Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal have taken things to the next level with a cute man-date strolling around New York.

Blake third-wheels Ryan's bromance

Blake third-wheels Ryan's bromance

There’s just one problem: Ryan’s wife Blake Lively also tagged along!

The trio in happier times (at this year's Golden Globes). Source: Getty

All jokes aside, we honestly can’t figure out who the third wheel is in this situation.

While the two bros joked away, Blake looked like a tag-along! Source: MEGA

But judging from all the hilariously bromantic interviews Jake and Ryan have been doing as they promote their new film Life, all signs point to Blake crashing the party.

The trio all squeezed onto a busy NYC sidewalk. Three's company! Source: MEGA

She can’t even crack a smile in these pics! Too many in-jokes from the set, perhaps?

Blake was no contest for Jake's sparkling conversation! Source: MEGA

The outing comes after Ryan made a shock confession during an interview with Good Morning America.

Blake looks like she's wishing she'd stayed home! Source: MEGA

During his appearance on the show he gushed, “I think [Jake’s] easily the most interesting actor working in Hollywood today.”

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But apparently acting isn't Jake's only talent! Ryan went on to spill: “My wife is very good at cooking, and Jake might just be a little bit better. He can throw down. It gets very competitive.”

Look out, Blake!

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