Brad 'threatened' by Ange's brother

She's had a well-documented unconventional relationship with her brother, but was James Haven the reason Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split?

While he's been helping the 41-year-old actress with her brood of six since she filed for divorce from Brad, new reports claim it was Ange's relationship with her big bro that sent the actor "over the edge".

Brad was reportedly "sent over the edge" by Ange's relationship with her brother. Source: Getty

“James was so close to them that he was actually living with them. It put Brad over the edge. Brad gave Ange the ultimatum; it’s him or me!” Brangelina "expert" Ian Halperin told RadarOnline.

Currently working on a documentary about the couple's demise, Ian adds that rumours of an unusual relationship between Ange and James have been around for years, especially after they locked lips multiple times in the early 2000s.

The filmmaker says that he addresses the rumours surrounding the siblings in his upcoming doco Broken: The Incredible Story of Brangelina.

James helped his sister with her brood of six. Source: Getty

James took on the role after the actress split from Brad Pitt. Source: Getty

“I get into the whole rumours [surrounding the kissing]. I do conclude unwaveringly in the film it was mainly a publicity stunt and it worked, but on the flip side people agree the kiss was too close for comfort,” he told the publication.

"The conclusion is amongst experts ‘No wonder they split.’ Here we are more than a decade later and James is living with them full time. Ultimately it was too close for comfort for Brad.”

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The siblings have always been close. Source: Getty

In 2000 the pair caused a stir. Source: Getty

Ian continued saying that while there were other factors at play, a contributing factor of the break-up was Brad's "beef" with how close James was with his family.

“It really made Brad uncomfortable how close James was," Halperin claims about Ange's decision to hire her brother as a caretaker for the kids. "

He wanted to be ‘hands on Brad dad’ and he didn’t need another nanny because they already have so many nannies.”

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