WATCH: Is this Alec's best Trump takedown ever?

Alec Baldwin set his sights on Donald Trump again when he reprised his role as the US president on Saturday Night Live for the first time in nearly a month.

Is this Alec's best trump takedown ever?

Is this Alec's best trump takedown ever?

The star set his sights clearly on the US bombing of Syria, dragging the President in not one but two sketches.

Baldwin first appeared in SNL’s cold open, portraying President Trump in his typical pursed-lip style, before reprising the role in a bit where he also played embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

Baldwin began his first sketch bragging about the President's "amazing" week to a crowd gathered at a town meeting in Kentucky.

"I just had an amazing week, folks. I met with leaders from China, Egypt, and Jordan. Gorsuch was confirmed, the media is saying nice things and nobody is talking about Russia," Baldwin's Trump said.

"I just had an amazing week, folks." Source: SNL.

"Wow, what a difference just 59 tomahawk missiles can make."

He also asked "his people" if they liked that he had "bombed Syria".

Trump's 'fans'. Source: SNL.

Later Baldwin delivered a new impersonation of Fox News anchor O'Reilly as he interviewed himself as the President.

It comes after the real President Trump defended O’Reilly following a report that the Fox News host and his network reached settlements with five women who had accused him of harassment.

“I think he’s a person I know well - he is a good person,” Trump said in an interview with the New York Times.

He also asked "his people" if they liked that he had "bombed Syria".Source: SNL.

In the sketch, Baldwin's O'Reilly told Trump he was a "big fan" of the US president and thanked him for coming to his defence, "even though no one asked you to".

"I'm more familiar with this case than, say, health care. But I didn't look into it much...I was busy being super presidential by bombing Syria," Trump said.

President Donald Trump has defended Fox News host Bill O'Reilly amid several allegations of sexual harassment. Source: Getty

Baldwin's O'Reilly then thanked Trump again for his support.

"I appreciate your support on behalf of all women and thank you, Donald Trump, for promoting sexual assault month," he said.

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