Blake reveals her weird 'birth song'

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds can be pretty cagey.

Blake Lively reveals her 'birth song'

Blake Lively reveals her 'birth song'

We’re still yet to see the dress she wore to their 2012 wedding, and we didn’t glimpse their daughters in public until last year!

Blake has revealed what song Ryan played in the delivery room. Source: Getty

So when the couple does spill a detail about their private life, we descend on it like vultures.

These two are such goals. Sigh. Source: Getty

The latest bit of gold came in a game of fact or fiction that Blake, 29, played with fashion designer Michael Kors.

It's nice to hear that Ryan was in a joking mood while his poor wife was in labour! Source: Getty

The pair had to guess if certain stories about each other were true or false, which led to Blake sharing a story from the delivery room. Check out the video above to see the hilarious confession!

Daughters James and Ines made their public debut last year. Source: Getty

“My husband played ‘Let’s Get It On’ while I was in labour,” she revealed in a deadpan voice while the designer cackled.

Michael guessed that it was true – and Blake confirmed that yes, 40-year-old Ryan did crank the sexy Marvin Gaye classic while she delivered one of their two daughters.

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“My doctor was laughing so hard I thought she was going to drop my baby,” Blake said.

The couple are parents to two girls, James, 2, and Ines, seven months.

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