Sianoa's Hollywood makeover

She's come a long way from Ramsay Street and now Sianoa Smit-McPhee has shown off her glam Hollywood makeover!

The actress, who rose to fame playing Bree Timmins on Neighbours in the early noughties, is back home in Australia after working in LA...and looks almost unrecognisable.

Sianoa shows off her new look! Source: Channel Seven

The actress rose to fame playing Bree on Neighbours. Pictured in 2004. Source: Channel Ten

Appearing on The Morning Show on Thursday, the 25-year-old now sports long dark locks, compared to her short blonde blob during her Neighbours days, as well undergoing a fitness overhaul to transform her body.

Speaking about her new musical projects, Sianoa told hosts Kylie Gillies and Ryan Phelan that the music is a collaborative effort with her husband, John Rush.

"Since I was born, I have always been inspired by the Spice Girls or Hanson and have been preparing for this my entire life," she told the program.

"I thought you could do whatever you wanted and it could be your job immediately, so I worked at writing songs and doing it with my sister. Then I met my husband, who is a music producer and then we started making what we wanted to make sure is hard-core pop music.

"We wanted to make classic pop music like Madonna and Michael Jackson and Prince and everything and we have come up this thing that is like acid pop. It is cool, it has choreography and is super positive. I am having so much fun making it," she continued.

The singer looks remarkably different compared to her days on Ramsey Street. Source: Channel Ten

The 25-year-old moved to LA to further her career. Source: Getty

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While some couples would dread working in such close quarters together, the Melbourne-based singer said there's no one else she would rather create music with.

"We don't spend any seconds apart, literally, we are together every second. It is so natural to us that we work together and that we only went to work together. We cook dinner together, we go everywhere together, he's sitting over here right now. We are never apart. I am so grateful that I have found someone I can do this art with because it is hard work and there is no one else I would want to do it with."

Since leaving Neighbours in 2007, Sianoa moved to LA in the hopes of furthering her career, appearing in TV series Hung, as well as Fallen.

Sianoa has already made her mark! Source: Getty

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