WATCH: Pharrell's mind-bending video

Pharrell Williams has debuted a new mind-bending music video and you're definitely in a trippy experience!

WATCH: Pharrell's mind-bending video

WATCH: Pharrell's mind-bending video

The video for Go Up by French electronica duo Cassius was directed by Paris-based Alexandre Courtes and features an impressive, and very freaky, split-screen, which mixes up people, places and random objects, just like one bizarre jigsaw puzzle!

Pharrell's new video is trippy! Source: Getty

The clip features the use of split screens. Source: Vimeo

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The impressive video features the 44-year-old producer and singer, as well as Cat Power.

While some images compliment one another, others will leave you confused on what you're actually seeing!

Watch the mind-bending video above!

So mind-bending! Source: Vimeo

It's a giant jigsaw puzzle! Source: Vimeo

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