RHOS star Melissa Tkautz lands a role in horror film

Former 90s pop singer Melissa Tkautz has graced us with her presence on the very first season of The Real Housewives of Sydney.

And now she's making a comeback in an even bigger way as the reality star is set to hit movie screens in a new Aussie horror film Boar.

Melissa lands a role in Aussie horror film 'Boar. Source: Foxtel '

Scenes were shown in an episode of The RHOS which also featured the director of the film Christopher Sun.

One scene saw Melissa running away and screaming from an eight-foot tall killer Boar.

The film is directed by Christopher Sun. Source: Newspix

The film is set in the outback of Australia, and lurking in the stunning Australian landscapes is a terrifying beast, who's driven by it's hungry appetite.

Speaking in an interview with the Courier Mail last December, Melissa said, "As an actor you may never get to do a horror film in your lifetime, so that combined with John Jarratt as my dad, I said ‘Yes please!'."

Now filming around Gympie, the film is using a small town called Kangdanga as their on set location.

She revealed to the Daily Telegraph, “I love being out here, it’s so different to Sydney.”

The reality star admitted she likes country folk so it makes her time filming in the outback easy. Source: Slaughter FX

“You can really relax in the country, and the locals have been so welcoming. Country folk are the best people in the world.”

The flick should hit our movie screens later this year.

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