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Shay Mitchell’s Super-Cheap Dry Shampoo Hack



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SHAY MITCHELL: I would say low.

I use Vaseline.

I use coconut oil on pretty much everything.

And there's some lip glosses-- I don't know actually the last time that I bought lip gloss.

I definitely am a high-low shoe person.

I had some shoes where I spent some money on-- Jimmy Choo.

And then I have shoes that, I mean, I got such a steal.

Like a Zara or something.

Sometimes high for, you know, shampoos and conditioners.

And then low on hair products when, you know, I get baby powder and I use it as dry shampoo.

Emily is definitely low on make up, low on hair.

We're kind of opposite.

I love wearing heels, she prefers flats.

I love glam and hair and makeup, and she would wear tinted moisturizer, mascara, and that was kind of it.

So, yeah, Emily was a lot more minimal.

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