It’s the place where some of us spend minutes, and others spend hours. But no matter how much of a foodie you are, according to experts, there are some very simple mistakes we might all be making when it comes to the kitchen.

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5 simple kitchen hacks you need to know


VIDEO 5 simple kitchen hacks you need to know. Source: Rumble 5 simple kitchen hacks you need to know

Website Greatist have uncovered some of the most common blunders, and they span everything from how we store food, to wondering why your expensive knives are in such a state.

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Read on to uncover which kitchen mistakes you’re making…

Jumbling your fruit and veg in the crisper

Feeling virtuous after your weekly shop because of all the fruit and veggies you’ve bought? Well done, but don’t undo all that hard work by just throwing them into your crisper any which way. “Some fruits [like apples and bananas] emit ethylene gas, which can cause surrounding vegetables to prematurely ripen and spoil,” food scientist Kantha Shelke tells Greatist.

Want to keep your food fresh? Don't just throw them all together in the fridge after a shop. Photo: Getty

Putting knives in the dishwasher

If you’ve splashed out on a fancy set of knives only to wonder why they’re blunt in no time, your dishwasher could be the culprit. “Some dishwashers have extremely high water pressure, which can dull blades quickly. The small crystals in dishwasher detergent can also be abrasive,” chef Nate Appel tells Greatist.

It might save you time, but washing good knives in the dishwasher won't save their sharp edges. Photo: Getty

Cranking your oven to roast veggies

It’s getting into roast season and if you’re a fan of crunchy roast spuds, turning your oven into a blisteringly hot furnace isn’t the way to go about it. “There’s no perfect temperature at which to roast all vegetables, but most can be cooked at 200 degrees,” says Nate. Anything hotter and you risk charring your veggies on the outside before they get a chance to cook properly.

You can't hurry perfectly roasted veg, so don't try and blast your way to them. Photo: Getty

Storing food on top of the fridge

For those of us living in shoebox apartment, counter space is a precious commodity. But no matter how limited your shelf space, storing food on top of your fridge is a definite no. According to experts, your fridge releases heat so when you sit edibles on top, it can see them go mouldy faster.

Store groceries in the fridge and most definitely not on top of it. Photo: Getty
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