Friday, 20 April 2018

"Hello Inner Self!"
Over the next four weeks, you can expect to feel a whole lot more in touch with your Inner Self. It's a very good time to look at where you are going and what it is inside you that is leading you there. If you're confused about why you have chosen your current path, this is the time to stop and think. You may soon be able to change directions. On a less ethereal note, this is also the time to have a look at your finances - what you owe, what you're saving. Pay off as many debts as you can now - you will be very happy you did so in six months time, as the Sun moves into your other money box. PS I thought now was a very good time to offer you my guides to handling the pressures of 2018 at a special price. Just click here !

Week beginning Monday, 16 April 2018

If you feel like there is a new romantic dawn coming, then you're absolutely right. In a few weeks you won't recognise your love life. That's because the planet of madness, Uranus, that has been in your Love Zone for nigh on seven years, is about to depart at long last. But for now? It looks like there could be a few more surprises and romantic curve balls. If you've chosen wisely romantically, they should be good surprises. If not? Brace!

Month of April

Your ruler Venus has just moved into Taurus, and whenever Venus moves, so might the earth for you! Well it does something to your senses at the very least! Taurus is, after all, one of the most sensual signs.

This might be the time when you and someone you love reconnect on a physical level or you'll notice how much you're missing intimacy. Perhaps you left the door ajar on a sensitive discussion that you knew you could only take so far at the time? Yes? Then this could be the time to revive it.

So what else is happening up there for you? Well, Mercury is retrograde until midmonth in your opposite sign, and this calls for a 'belts and braces' approach in all social arrangements, that's all. No need to build an underground bunker. You might be let down, but not from any great height or anything, and if you are tied in knots, please try not to take any of it too personally because this type of thing is bound to be pretty ubiquitous: the communication planet backwards scrambles everybody's brain a little bit and people's best efforts seem, well, fairly paltry quite frankly.

The sun in your opposite sign makes other people 'the heavy' or 'the bad cop' and so you might get off scot-free and with your personal popularity intact. Jupiter and Pluto do something very lucky for your finances around the 14th, or there could be a change of address, while look out for shock tactics and people being generally more contrary around about the 18th. Your ruler Venus is on the move again on the 24th, this time into the flirty sign of Gemini, and so you're going to be hungry for attention and you want to know that you're attractive.

Venus in Gemini also ups the chances of a holiday fling of course, or cheerleads you on to be a bit cheekier than a lovely balanced Libra ought to be!

There's a reason why your sign starts with the letter 'L' - because Luscious Libran sounds so good and is so apt! There is probably someone out there who will correct me, but Helen of Troy - whose face launched a thousand ships - was undoubtedly if not a Libran, then a Libra Rising. Yours is the sign of beauty in many ways. Beauty, charm and the ability to wrap others around your little finger. Your sign rules art, tranquility and sharing. How gorgeous is that? You are ruled by Venus and a beautiful expression of her. Without Libra we would have no balance in the stars.

You rule the 7th house of the zodiac which is about partnership and relationship. You're the calm person in the room, the one who's lovely to look at and amusing to listen to. You can usually trust a Libran too - at least you know they will almost always have good intentions. Libra also represents justice. You can see both sides of an argument and you're keen to settle it. Yes, you are accused of prevaricating and have a terrible reputation for being indecisive. But it's those qualities that give you the ability to arbitrate and bring peace into troubled situations.

But if all that sounds just a little bit too sweet for words, remember you are a Cardinal sign. This is the sign of the leader, so it's not as though you spend all your time airy-fairying about wherever the breeze wafts you. It's just that when it comes to going into battle, you instinctively know you've a better chance of success if you can get everyone to disarm through diplomatic relations, so to speak. In fact, Libra is also the sign of the diplomat. You usually know exactly what to say and when to say it, and those around you lap up your compliments like fine wine. And speaking of wine, you have many, many social graces. But as you're an Air sign, going to a party isn't just about nibbling canapes while looking gorgeous. You love to use your intellect socially and give great conversation and, it has to be said, excellent small talk!

One thing to watch out for is that you are always very keen to please others. Make sure you lavish yourself with as much attention as you bestow on your loved ones.

It's also a good idea to keep that infamous indecisive nature under wraps. Some Librans have been known to triple book themselves on a Saturday night. They can't help it. They're popular and they get invited lots of places. But learning to make a decision and stick to it - and learning to say no - is a great ambition for you to include in your list of Life Goals.