Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Today's stars focus on the public areas of your life - whether it's your job, education or volunteer work. Examine your current approach. Are you being too timid and safe? The Sagittarian Moon encourages you to extend your horizons and be more experimental and adventurous. Wondering what the future holds for you and how lucky you're going to be? Try one of our free or paid astrology forecast reports based on your personal time, date and place of birth - here.

Week beginning Monday, 23 October 2017

Happily, confrontational Mars is moving out of your Love Zone, so you are now officially less likely to be having upsets with the people you love. Hopefully you used the past few weeks to clear up any upsets or misunderstandings. Now Mars is moving into your Sex and Money Zone, so if you want more of either of those in your life, all you have to do is be determined. Also a very good time for travel (and holiday romances). For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of October

The big news is that Jupiter shifts into Scorpio on October 10. This marks the start of 13 months when your life will expand and improve in at least one of the following areas ... education, publishing, commerce, foreign countries, imports, exports, religion, law, philosophy, travel and adventure. It's also the best time [in the last 12 years] to go on a heavenly holiday, preferably somewhere overseas. So start planning your itinerary and saving your pennies ASAP.

The Full Moon [on October 6] brings up issues involving finances, values and/or self-esteem. You'll find the less you base your core self-worth on money, status, image, physical appearance and unrealistic media expectations of what beauty is, the healthier, happier and calmer you'll be. Mercury moves through your finance zone until October 17, so do your best to improve your financial literacy: especially when it comes to a mortgage, superannuation payout, tax return, alimony or will. Then the New Moon [on October 20] encourages you to start a savings plan, employ a new accountant, or sort through financial paperwork and bills that you've been putting off.

With Venus and Mars both visiting your relationship and intimacy zones, love and lust are definitely on the menu this month. If you are attached, find fresh ways to bring more romance and passion into the partnership. Singles - if you're looking for love, you'll have to be proactive. Draw up a wish-list of all the wonderful qualities you are looking for in a life-time partner. Then go out and get them!

If you've read your astrology books, you will know that Pisceans are supposed to be the romantic, poetic dreamers of the zodiac - the ones who have visions and are somehow mystical. Lovely! But my fave Piscean fact is that uber-business man Rupert Murdoch is one of you. He hardly comes across as some sort of floaty poet BUT does that guy have vision or what? Yes, don't be mislead by the tales of Mystery and Imagination which surround your sign, you are also someone who can deal very well with the modern world.

But about that Mystery side of you. Even if you don't talk about it with your friends, you're almost certainly aware that you're what psychics call 'sensitive' you can pick up vibes (very handy in business as well as in your personal life). You are usually considered the most otherworldly of the zodiac, even if others don't know that about you. Pisces does also rule music, drugs and wine.

Pisces is the imaginative minstrel, the lady with the crystal ball that fills with a mist, the generous drunk, and the artist. Pisces is associated with not one, but two rulers, Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the avuncular Father Christmas of the zodiac who makes you give with your heart, mind and money. He's also the planet who allows money to slip through your fingers. Neptune is the planet who confuses us all, and in whose fog we find delightful Piscean mysteries. You're a mutable sign you move as the tide takes you. Your symbol is of two fishes swimming in opposite directions, which is a lot like you.

You can be a business person, with a tough veneer and a sharp suit, while underneath it all is a Jupiter/Neptune softy - a mushy person who is sometimes a little too susceptible to coercion and suggestion, always open to enjoyment and perhaps even sometimes a little too self-indulgent. And maybe plays guitar. You can calm people down just by walking into the room and your generous spirit pervades any gathering.

A Water sign, like Cancer and Scorpio, you are rarely the one with the sharp tongue or the raised voice. You're far more likely to merge with something soft and slither away from trouble than to head for it well, most of the time! You give people hope and faith when they're lacking it. You have visions that few can match, which is where your psychic gifts come in. Listen to your intuition because it has much to teach you, just as you have much to teach others about using their intuition. Whether or not you get it, Pisces is a super spiritual sign. Part of the reason for this is that your sign knows how to make sacrifices for others when required.

You have lesser boundaries than most and you will give a part of yourself for others. But you're nobody's fool and can be effective in business. It's important to be honest and to avoid playing the martyr. Help others to learn patience by showing them the value in going with the flow.