Saturday, 24 February 2018

Sadges who would like to move house, buy, sell or otherwise make changes in their personal life have pretty good stars for doing exactly that today. There is a whole lot of focus on home and family right now and for the next 24 hours at least, it all looks quite stable.


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Week beginning Monday, 19 February 2018

This week looks like going in your favour. For one thing, you should be feeling very motivated. If you are chasing a dream (or a person!) right now, there is a feeling that destiny is at work, so go for it. Financially you have great stars for setting up some kind of system which will work well for you and anyone else involved. Starting a direct debit savings plan would work wonderfully this week. At home, there are lovely vibes too. For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of February

With charging Mars in your sign, you plow into the month with enthusiasm and energy at home and at school or work. It's probably best to use Mars' muscle to tackle projects you've had on the back burner for a while. Pace yourself, though. Your eyes and ideas might be bigger than the energy or ability you have now to make everything happen. That's perhaps one of the continued lessons from somber Saturn in Capricorn, his home sign.

Saturn is teaching you how better to consolidate and control your financial and physical resources. In other words, look after your cents and the dollars will take care of themselves!

You probably don't like to be reminded of any limits. Perhaps you'd rather believe that optimism (with hard work) triumphs over everything. But you also have to match optimism with a dose of caution to think about long-term goals now. Caution, of course, does not have to become fear. Having a tighter budget, for example, doesn't have to feel like a prison sentence. You can use something like that as a challenge to see how far you can make your money to stretch.

When decadent Venus moves into Pisces on the 10th, though, you're more likely to feel like stretching out on the couch or someplace relaxing. It's not like all your get-up-and-go entirely goes away, though. You perhaps benefit from grounding and soothing vibes at home or with family. Yet, when your body's at rest, your mind will likely be more active.

The first solar eclipse of the year on the 16th will probably fire up a lot of curiosity and interests. Perhaps you might follow up with taking a class you've wanted to take for some time. Or to be alone with your thoughts and ideas on a mini-vacation.

As inquisitive Mercury partners up with imaginative Neptune on the 25th, you might find it easier to explore imaginative realms with a good book or movie. Or to create imaginative work of your own. But you don't have to enjoy that whimsical power alone. The friction between Mars and Venus on the same day also makes it a good day for romantic banter, flirting, or other escapades.

Hark the call to adventure! It must be a Sagittarian doing the calling! Do you know how many people out there wish that they had your zest for life? Of course, you don't blame them one iota. You've spent a lot of your life wondering why more people aren't like you. And well you might. You have a noble attitude mixed through with the sort of devil may care spring in your step which makes people look to you in awe. Ruled by Jupiter, you have a very broad outlook and the ability to step back and see the bigger picture while all about you people are getting all twisted up in the finer, minor details. And though you're fun loving, you're also in touch with the profound side of life. Get you on the right day, at the right time, and you can be as philosophical as the best of them.

The past few years may have been a bit too intense for your liking as Pluto moved through your sign, purging anything which needed to go. But hopefully you can already see how your life has literally transformed from the inside out. Hopefully as well, the crises you've had were healing.

You take great joy in achievements, and although you may scatter your energies in too many directions at once, you are gifted in working things through to the end. If you feel like it. You're a Fire sign and as such, the life and soul of any party or social situation you walk into.

You are intuitive with a rich fantasy life, have high goals and you strive, strive and strive again, rarely letting small failures get you down. You're also enthusiastic and your enthusiasm is catching - though you are not necessarily the world's greatest micro manager you are certainly switched on when it comes to the big picture visions. You prefer to delegate responsibilities but you often find yourself at the head of the pack anyway, in your role of urging and inspiring others onwards.

You're also a freedom-lover and woe betide any mere mortal who comes along and tries to clip your wings. Sometime you veer towards over-ebullience, talking the legs off tables and even coming across as arrogant or preachy. But it's not that you're really like that. You just forget to stop, every now and then. You're a spiritual seeker who loves a good time in between time spent educating yourself about the worldview and the spiritual.

You're a liberal thinker and at your best when you don't force your views on others. While you will usually say what you say you'll do, you're not the best at staying interested in something for too long. You love novelty and this makes you a great pal who's always up to something, but don't forget that just because something isn't new, that doesn't make it boring! Your plans are grand and you fight for right and justice at the drop of a hat. Sagittarians are cool.