Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Consider talking with a friend today about something that's bothering you or that's bothering them. The open dialogue makes you feel more connected to each other, and you can express compassion and understanding for what they're going through, and they can do the same for you, bonding you together spiritually. If you would an astrological analysis of your career and ambitions, our Career Analysis report available for instant download here.

Week beginning Monday, 23 October 2017

If you have fallen off the exercise band wagon of late and you know it's time to get back on, there is good news; this week sees the move of energetic Mars back into your Health and Fitness Zone. It's the first time for two years that Mars has been in this part of your chart, so you should be feeling far more fired up about moving your body than you have done in a while. Also, this week is good for love. For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of October

Venus, planet of love, enters Libra midmonth, and Mars, planet of energy, joins her shortly afterward, bringing more focus toward your work, chores, daily tasks, and the details. You can have so much extra energy for getting things done that you get more done than you set out to do, and still have some energy left. It can seem like the more you do, the more energy you have. Make lists, get organized, and keep yourself on schedule.

October brings with it a major shift for all of us with Jupiter, planet of abundance, entering a new sign, Scorpio. This activates your relationship zone, and you can enter into new relationships, improve existing relationships, and get along better with others over the next year. Opportunities can find you through the people in your life, and you can get the chance to do great things with a partner. This can be great energy for a new romantic relationship too, and you feel more comfortable with commitment.

Mercury and the Sun enter Scorpio for the second half of October as well, and this brings even more attention to the people in your life and your relationships. You can open up in intimate settings, give relationships more of your time, and feel it's important for you to have healthy, stable relationships. If you're in a relationship, you can choose to take things to the next level, and if you're single, you can strive to find someone special who treats you like an equal.

You are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and you're definitely the sign of the zodiac most associated with sensual touch. How incredibly romantic! But your symbol is a much-less-that-sexy... bull! No problem. The Bull side of your nature can be famously stubborn, for sure, but you can also bring out that Bull side of you when it comes to rolling around in the great outdoors and smelling the coffee. Get it?

It also must be said, Taureans have a reputation for being among the slinkiest between the sheets. If someone ever draws a ring around your belly button with melted chocolate and then licks it off, chances are they're a Taurus or have personal planets in that sign. What you want, in bed, at least, is for someone to make your skin feel good. You're not always the most overtly sexual of the zodiac, but you know what sensual pleasure is.

Your ruler Venus is all about The Pleasure Principle - in other words, anything which gives you pleasure, baby. Not that you're some hedonistic machine - far from it. In fact, you often err on the side of conservatism, which is just fine, but you know what you like and you know how to enjoy it.

As you might know, Venus also rules Libra. Venus in Libra is more about love whereas Venus in Taurus is more about money. This isn't to say that you are no good at love - not at all - but you are also good with cash. In fact, Taureans often manage save themselves nicely padded bank accounts. Of course, you could be reading this and simultaneously wondering where your next brass razoo is coming from. But rest assured that being born under the sign of Taurus bestows you with a certain cash sense which many others lack. Money might sometimes be tight but you are usually quite able to go out and make it.

You also have a refined and cultural side which makes you a fascinating person to be around. When you start talking about music and books and art, people around will prick up their ears and listen because you sound so impressive. Your mind just works well on these subjects. And if it's not quite art that floats your boat, then it's your innate sense of style and colour which draws people to you.

You're an aesthete and while I bet you sometimes wish you had more fire, others don't miss that in you at all - they like your steady nature. Taureans are fabulous because they are real and natural people and we could all use a little more 'natural'. in our lives.