Wednesday, 26 July 2017

As a slightly self-indulgent Leo, you're never averse to spoiling yourself, but today you could get somewhat carried away and go a bit overboard. You feel you genuinely deserve it though - you've had a tricky time lately and need some reassurance in the form of treats. If you want fun tonight, look to that Libran... They're sure to get you giggling. If you follow the Moon, you will love my book Moonology

Week beginning Monday, 24 July 2017

Leo, to be frank, you were always a very impressive sign, but this week you're really out-doing yourself. This week brings the first of two New Moons in a row in your sign. That's a massive message from the Universe that you need to forget about the past. Doesn't matter what has happened. What matters now is what you want to do with your life. Go for it. You are getting a massive recharge from the Universe - use it to chase your dreams. For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of July

July is one of your favourite months, as you get ready for your birthday celebrations. You start off in a positive frame of mind as a general flood of energy means that problems are resolved without too much fuss, leaving room for you to relax and have fun. The July Full Moon marks the ending of certain money stresses and the New Moon in your sign bodes well for a fresh start in your personal life and could even indicate a radical change of image. You're as sharp as a new pin for most of the month and this helps you work out what you really value most. In general, it's a great time for fun, games, chilling out with friends and relatives, holidaying and paying visits to people you haven't seen for a while. Although you're in a sociable mood, when it comes to work, you're actually better off working alone when possible, especially for the first three weeks of the month. Your personal year is coming to an end and you spend time - either consciously or subconsciously - evaluating your life and how far you've come. As your ruler the Sun makes its annual transit during the third week, you begin to emerge, like a butterfly from a cocoon, feeling re-energized and special. The final week of the month is a brilliant time for reassessing your dreams and for working out strategies for turning them into reality.

Leo, Leo, Leo. You're admired far and wide - and oh-so-worthy of our admiration. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun - your sign is arguably the King (or Queen) of the zodiac. Your ruler is The Centre Of Our Universe - and unlike the rest of planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc), who sometimes appear to go backwards (ie: retrograde), your ruler the Sun just keeps ticking forwards, over and over. And you Leos are like that, too. With no time for the past, you are confident and even headstrong, happy to just keep moving, not holding grudges, not usually given looking back. Lucky you.

You CAN be intimidating - do you realise that? Your self-assurance knocks some of the meeker, milder signs off their feet. Try not to come across as though you are totally able to do without others - you can put on such a convincing act that the rest of us fall for it, and so are not there for you when you need us. Get it?

Leos are the pussy cats of the zodiac, for sure, but they're also the Lions and Lionesses. Depending on your mood, you can chew us up or smother us in warm loving licks that bowl us over. Anybody's who's ever loved a Leo knows that to love you is to be in awe of you.

So how do you do the things you do? With a constant vibrancy and passion enough to start a fire. Actors and actresses come under the sign of Leo and it's indeed true that your sign is connected with dramatics. You also like to be centre-stage, whether that's on a real stage or just with your pals. And why not? You always have something interesting to say and peoples. attention is naturally drawn to you. And you love it.

But you never just take, take, take. In fact, you are perhaps the most generous sign of the zodiac, giving your time and money and love to anyone you know needs it. (You give the best presents - by far). And when the going gets tough you have another celestial advantage - you can hold your head high and command respect in almost any situation. Sometimes haughty, always dignified, there's rarely any danger of you losing your cool.

But you're not cheap! Leos treat themselves as well as they treat others and you want the best of everything - meals and cars and bits and bobs all fit for a King, of course. You're also contagiously generous and although you can be fiery, you don't often let your temper get the better of you (except when confronted by true nong-heads, of course!) You like others to know their place and anyone who spends enough time around you, certainly learns it. Leo is also the sign of the celebrity. So even if you're not famous yet, use your innate Leo talents to shine like a star wherever you go and whatever you do. You know that you're just a little bit different and you like it just like that. Never ordinary, always distinctive, Leo leads.