Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Moon, now in your own sign is like a cosmic reset, helping you now move toward action and progress. Anything is possible as your natural enthusiasm and zest for life is triggered. Not shy of taking risky moves, a brash or out of the box choice may be made. Start by downloading my free list of the 2018 New and Full Moons - you can do some amazing things with it, including timing your New and Full rituals and ceremonies, launching new projects and doing forgiveness work to release negativity which inevitably builds up.

Week beginning Monday, 22 January 2018

You have something of a conundrum in your chart this week. On the one hand, the Sun in your Social Life Zone means it's possible all you'll want to do is see your friends and continue imbibing the holiday season spirit. On the other, there is now an auspicious parade of planets in your 10th House of Career. Anything you do at work, any projects you launch now, are all super-supported by your stars. So seek a balance between work and fun. For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of January

Good news! Your studies or career look absolutely golden as Jupiter and Pluto work together. If you're studying, you could win some kind of award. Working? You might hear of a great job offer, or find out you're in the running for a raise or promotion.

You have the support you need to move forward towards your ambitions, so look around for opportunities to grow your skills. You might get involved with a prestigious project, or get to know a high profile and well-connected individual. The abundance and luck energy of Jupiter and Pluto is strongest near January 16, but you have all month to make a positive change in your work life.

On January 9, as Venus and Pluto work together, you might shop for new clothes for work or a job interview, or update your online profiles. This is a great celestial pattern for making a positive impression, at work or in your personal life. Take charge to get what you want.

Your words have power as Mercury joins with Pluto on January 24, and you may be able to see the truth in a situation. Others might find your insights spot on and to the point, so do speak up about what you notice. Your attention to detail or skill with language can lead to a new success at work too.

You may hear welcome news about money, like to do with paying off a debt, investing or even earning more (whether you work full or part time), as Mars and Jupiter come together in Scorpio on January 7. This abundant influence may bring a windfall your way, or you may spot a great bargain while shopping. Negotiate to make sure you get the very best deal possible.

Romantic prospects are strongest near the Leo lunar or full moon eclipse on January 31. You might meet someone new then, or move forward with someone special. A five star date or generous gift may be in order, so consider an over the top gesture to show your feelings mind for a while.

Ruled by the red planet of action, Mars, you are usually brimming over with life and vitality. But it's that very spark inside you that means it's so easy it is for you to be taken the wrong way. Sometimes you run towards people, when they're only ready to deal with your walking their way! Aries is, of course, the first sign of the zodiac. If you were born under this sign, there is at least a part of you which is headstrong - a warrior, a child, spontaneous at best and rash at worst. As the baby of the zodiac-the first sign-you can have an almost childlike impetuousness. You won't let others stand in your way and while you're not exactly stubborn, you're not keen to let other people get around you too easily either-well, not if you don't want them to.

You're a Cardinal sign, which means you're a leader, as well as a Fire sign, which means you either have boiling blood or you often come up against people whose blood you make boil. Why is it that people don't understand that you just want to get things done?

If there is something that you want, you know how to go out and get it. People are drawn to you because of your fire-like flame. You're not afraid to struggle or even attack if there's something that you want. If you have a goal in mind, you keep your eyes on it, which is one of your best assets-a single-minded determination to succeed. 'How to be assertive' courses are not run for Aries people. You might know that deep down you're as soft a touch as the next person, but you have an ability to assert your will from birth and you don't need anyone to show you the 'hows' and 'whys'.

Another of your amazing strengths is your innate ability to recover from your problems. What you lack in self-control, you make up for in resilience. You don't seem to have as many problems as most people. While some signs nurse tender bruises for years, hold grudges or fret about 'what might be', you have the ability to just breeze right through dramas and out the other side.

You're enthusiastic and, let's be honest, quick-tempered if you're caught on a bad day. You have a 'never say die' attitude, which will get you far. In a world of navel gazers and clock-watchers, you're also uncomplicated and direct.

Aries has a delightful innocence too, but do be careful that in your 'you'll be OK' manner, you remember that not everyone is on exactly the same wavelength as you. Some people need a lot more molly coddling than you do, so as you make your way like a firebrand through 2006, look around you. If you see pain in someone's eyes, remember that they might need a softer, more soothing approach to be reassured that everything is going to be OK. You know that everything will be fine eventually, but not everyone has your optimism. But without people like you, the world simply wouldn't turn.