Tuesday, 23 January 2018

You're going to be as fired up today as you were yesterday. You take to a leadership role like a pro, and speaking of which, you expect a level of professionalism and reliability in all your dealings - even the intimate ones! You might feel like you're parenting a partner when they should be your equal! Start by downloading my free list of the 2018 New and Full Moons - you can do some amazing things with it, including timing your New and Full rituals and ceremonies, launching new projects and doing forgiveness work to release negativity which inevitably builds up.

Week beginning Monday, 22 January 2018

Another potentially very good week in this first month of the year for you Cancer. Mercury, the communications planet, is in your Love Zone, harmonising with first powerful Pluto and then lucky Jupiter. In other words you can have some amazing conversations this week which could be anything from fun and enjoyable to downright life-changing. This is not the time to retreat into your crabby shell. The more you work on your relationships with other people now, the better. That includes everyone. For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of January

Are you moody? Overprotective?Sensitive? Or are you sick and tired of astrologers painting a picture of a neurotic mushball when they talk about your sign?

Of course you're so much more than all of those things and your ruler the moon kicks off 2018 in your sign, setting the tone for a month, and a year, when your instinct, sense of humour, nose for making money, together with your elephantine memory (helping you learn from last year's mistakes so that you don't repeat them) make the first month of 2018 your springboard to expressing all that's great about your sign.

This also helps with sticking to New Year's resolutions just as long as you're making them for you and not to please others. Generally speaking, January's cosmic train takes the scenic route and speeds through a few tunnels that have been carved into the mountain (thrilling rather than scary) and you're generally more approachable and more honest in your reactions. Your timing also improves, if it's been at all off lately (not like you).

Other people can be charming but they can also be restrictive, stern, controlling, or try to run rings around you. But you can give as good as you get. Towards the end of the month, things are more black and white and you could be involved in a power struggle (the fun kind!), or you'll just quietly get on with it after getting the nod from someone that was resisting for no good reason but whose approval you need.

If you're counting on another person - or financial body - to pull their weight over a loan, mortgage, house move or insurance policy, then the sky over last week of the month wants to help, or save the day, or help you save for a rainy one, because there's a total lunar eclipse in Leo, your financial house, at the end of the month.

How many times have you read what it means to be a Cancerian and wondered why it doesn't feel 100% right? The thing is that over the years, Cancerians have been drawn and redrawn as homebodies who want to cook by day and tend the kids by night and pretty much do nothing else. What a load of tosh! In between the baking and the child raising you are one of the most dynamic signs of the zodiac.

The reason behind your Home In The Little House On The Prairie- reputation is that you are intuitive - thanks to the fact you are ruled by the Moon. Add that to being kind-hearted (as most Cancerians are) and of course you pick up on others' feelings and then want to nurture those in need! This tendency to nurture others usually means you feed them. You listen to them. You get to see a passing parade of people through your life, all wanting some TLC. They come over for coffee and a chat with someone who makes them feel safe and you get another chance to Do Your Thing and care for them. Polish that halo. But we also know you have plenty more sides toyour personality.

Family and friends are important to you and you build a nest for your loved ones that only a fool thinks he or she could penetrate. Yes, you like to nurture others, but not because you're some rosy-cheeked old Granny-type in an apron. You also nurture because Cancer is an uber feminine sign (ruled by the Moon), and nurturing is part of the whole feminine thang.

What a lot of people don't mention is that Cancer is also associated with Diana, the Huntress. Far from being an old Granny-type, Diana the Huntress was a fabulous, go-ahead woman (who may or may not have liked to cook pig-on-a-spit for her beloveds).

Cancerians are often told that they are moody, and this is, or isn't true, depending on your definition of the word moody. If you take moody to mean frequent bad moods, it's not true. But if you take it to mean changing attitudes and moods, it is. Yes, being Moon-ruled means that as La Luna passes through all the signs of the zodiac each month - spending around two and a half days in each sign - you pick up on her vibe much more than most. A Gemini Moon? Chat, chat, chat. A Pisces Moon? Break out the wine and tell me a romantic story.

A tendency to cling to the past is one of the pitfalls Cancerians have to avoid. Times move on and things change - accepting this is one of the Cancerians' challenges. Being tenacious is one thing, clinging on when you know it's all said and done is another. Cancerians are also renowned for having the same hard exterior and soft interior of their symbol, the Crab. Fine but make sure you do let others know when you are feeling vulnerable - that is one of the keys to happiness for you.

What you need more than anything and more than most people is a sense of security. If you read advice written by astrologers to people romancing Cancerians, your lovers are usually advised to reassure you that they love you at least once a day, preferably 10 times. And yet, though you love to love and you love to nurture, you are often repelled by overly-needy people, almost as though you prefer to chose who you assist. But assist you do. No matter what your sex, you tend to have loads of female friends, and you mother most of them, just as you also mother your lover. Just remember to allow others to look after you, too.

Like they Tarot card of The Moon, you're quite enigmatic. Work it, Cancer, work it!