Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Communication planet Mercury moves into your sign today. For you this could mean increased vitality, and a mind that's even more active than usual. Don't try to slow it down in order to explore ideas more fully. Instead keep a notebook handy so you can capture thoughts as they race past. Get a free love or success chart here.

Week beginning Monday, 24 July 2017

Let's hope you have figured out the benefits of meditation, contemplation, spirituality and so on; that you can see how having an 'inner life' and reflection actually makes your life better, because it de-stresses you. All this is important now because you're getting two New Moons in a row in your Spirituality Zone. Not sure what to do? Start by doing Facebook posts/journalling about what you're grateful for once a week. Praise and celebrate your life. Now doing that is spiritual! For more info about your week, call our Angel Card line: 1900 999 888

Month of July

The Full Moon on July 9 is a reminder that it's through play that you are able to express yourself creatively and recharge your emotional batteries. If you've been especially busy, having fun or keeping social engagements could be the last thing you feel like doing. Make it guilt-free by pencilling it in your diary.

Pleasure planet Venus moves into your public zone in early July and will spend the rest of the month there. Even if you don't work in an office, your role in the world is about to become more visible. Regardless of what you do, there could be opportunities for increased enjoyment and social interaction. You might find yourself attracting others who can help you get ahead.

July provides occasions for self-reflection as first communication planet Mercury, then Mars, and finally the Sun slide into this part of your chart.

Although you might be tempted to identify and dwell on what hasn't been completed in the past twelve months, consider also what you have done- no matter how big or small the achievement. Acknowledge the gaps, re-assess your goals where necessary, and look closely and honestly at those habits and unconscious behaviours that hold you back.

Allow the energy of the New Moon on July 23 to help you determine what needs to be finished or let go of, and what intentions you can set to move forward with.
If you're not sure where to start, pay extra attention to your dreams and subconscious this month.

Oh to be a discerning Virgo! Everyone goes on about how Virgos are critical, don't they? Have you heard that one? You know, you can't walk into a room without noting that the place needs vacuuming, or that the windows need cleaning, or that whoever you're with hasn't shined their shoes. Or whatever. Pah to that!

Firstly, as you undoubtedly know, there are plenty of Virgos out there in the Real World who couldn't keep their home tidy if their life depended on it. Secondly, it's not that you're just born critical, it's that you can't help noticing what has and hasn't been done up to scratch. And because your sign is about service. and about being of service to others, you often believe you're doing the right thing by pointing out flaws to others. And heck, it's not a great astro-job, but someone has to do it. Traditionally your sign represented the women who sorted the grain from the chaff - ie: who had to be good at seeing what was worth keeping and what was no use at all. This is where your ability to be - ahem - let's call it super-discerning comes from. And yes it is a mixed blessing!

But Virgo is about much more than fault-finding. For one thing, your ruler is Mercury and you have a fine mind which you're usually quite good at expressing.

You may not be the most flamboyant person in town, but you have your feet on the ground, and you help others get theirs on terra firma too. Being an Earth sign, you don't usually have time for fripperies, however, that quick mind of yours means you're smart enough to see the funny side of most situations.

One thing is true though - you love your routines and woe betide the person who swoops into your life thinking that they can alter them! Having a routine makes you feel safe and secure. Sometimes, though, breaking out of those routines can bring you the breathing space you need.

You're also usually the sporty type and if you're not engaged in team sports or regular as clockwork runs and swims, you at least pay a lot of attention to your diet. In fact, you're very handy to have around. A few weeks with a Virgo and even the slobbiest person starts to feel healthier in mind, body and spirit!

You're an excellent listener with great timing and you make a great teacher. Just avoid doing so much for others that you forget to look after yourself. You're also reliable, gorgeously modest and ranked amongst the Great List Makers Of All Time.