Son creates hilarious viral Christmas cards

Christmas is all about being near family, attending meet-ups with long-lost cousins and sending out greeting cards.

Son creates hilarious viral Christmas cards

Son creates hilarious viral Christmas cards

However when one school kid found out that his family had gone ahead and sent out their family Christmas card without him, he went ahead and created ones of his very own.

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John Cessna was away at school in 2008 when he got a called from his mom telling him that he wouldn’t be included in the Christmas card.

John Cessna has created viral Christmas cards. Photo: John Cessna.

John created the cards after his mother jokingly told him to 'sober up' and release his own Christmas card. Photo: John Cessna.

His mom suggested in a joking manner that her son “sober up” and create his own sense of holidays by sending out Christmas cards with his face on them.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Now, thankfully for us, John has kept the tradition going and keeps adding to his repertoire of epic cards every year, inspired by his mother’s joke.

John claims his cards have now been viewed over seven million times. Photo: John Cessna.

He creates a new card each year. Photo: John Cessna.

John has gone on to create a card showing six men fighting one man with the slogan “Christmas is when carols are sung and bells are rung”.

Another card shows a man dressed in a smart suit sitting on a step drinking Eggnog and eating a muffin with the caption “This holiday season… eh, screw it.”

Also among the viral cards he’s created is one that shows a man digging in a snow-covered field, with a body bag beside him, alongside the caption “Some gifts… stay wrapped and hidden”.

John's Christmas cards have gone viral. Photo: John Cessna.

One card shows him sitting in the bathroom with empty bottles of liquor. Photo: John Cessna.

According to John, his cards have been viewed online over seven million times.

We can’t wait to see what he thinks of next year.

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