Woman ‘fat shamed’ at Adele concert vows to have bypass surgery

It was meant to be the concert of a lifetime for Leisa Bennett. A night out with her sisters and friends singing along to Adele’s epic power ballads; what could be better?

Instead, the Brisbane woman was left utterly humiliated and embarrassed after she was “assaulted” over her shape by the woman sitting next to her.

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Posting an open letter detailing the horrendous experience, size 22 Leisa explains how she was seated next a "larger lady" like herself at the Gabba on Sunday night.

Leisa has penned a heartbreaking open letter, detailing how she was body bullied at a concert last week. Photo: Facebook/leisambennett

“After Adele finished her first song the mood shifted in my seat area, as the lady beside me began to nudge me slowly as if she wanted more room,” Leisa wrote.

“At first, I noticed it but I was so enamoured by Adele I really didn't pay it too much mind. But I could feel her arms and shoulders expanding into my personal space, and then I began to notice she was breathing in so that her rib cage and upper body was also expanding to force me physically further away.”

The Brisbane woman has slammed her attacker online, urging women to be 'Kindness Activists'. Photo: Facebook/leisambennett

Leisa tried not to pay attention to the woman next to her, singing along to her heart’s content as Adele belted out Rumour Has It, but couldn’t ignore what happened next.

“Then the first elbow nudge came at my rib cage - albeit a padded section of my midriff - I felt that, and it took my attention completely away from the concert as I withdrew into a space of shock and disbelief,” she explained.

"She did it a few more times as I held my breath, stiff and frozen, stuck in my place not knowing what to do. I felt it again and again.”

“I sucked up all of the courage I could muster… turned to the lady and asked, ‘Would you please stop nudging me?’”

The incident saw Leisa's night ruined, and she's now considering surgery in the hope that she will never experience anything like it again. Photo: Facebook/leisambennett

“The lady was not surprised by my request, she faced me head on as if she had been waiting for me to open the gateway of communication. She stared into my eyes and yelled, ‘No I won't f**king stop. I f**king paid for this seat, and if you weren't so f**king fat I wouldn't have to move you over, so f**king get over or I'll f**king deal with you.”

Adele has spoken out about body image issues in the past, saying " I don't let them rule my life". Photo: Getty images

Despite her shock, Leisa refused to back down and quickly went to get security. Forced to explain her story to several stadium staffers and police, embarrassed Leisa was told she was going to be moved to new seats.

In the confusion of the move, Leisa and her concert buddy were led outside the stadium and ended up missing a large portion of the concert before they were settled into their new seats.

Felt like she was “punished for being a bigger lady”, Leisa admits the whole experience left her devastated – and she’s now contemplating bariatric surgery to make sure it never happens again.

“You ruined my night,” Leisa blasted her body bully. “I hope your seats were comfortable. I hope you loved every song. Most of all, I hope the lyrics spoke to you and you learned something about how to be a kind and respectful human being.

"I'm going to have bariatric surgery and fight my biggest battle, and hopefully next time [Adele's] here I can sit beside my co-fans in peace and harmony."

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