Kim Kardashian savaged over Virgin Mary candle

The Easter break seems to have inspired a little faith in Kim Kardashian.

Well, either that or she’s taken a leaf out of her husband’s book, because the mum-of-two has just released a new candle where she poses as the Virgin Mary.

Predictably, people are enraged, and have been leaving angry comments on Instagram and Twitter.

“Im not catholic or even follow a religion but this is so disgusting in so many levels!” one person said.

“I remember last year about your robbery in Paris you say 'Thank God Every Day for your safe and for your family...' this is how you pay HIM? Since a time you and your family don't respect your fans or theirs believes. SHAME.”

“Extremely disgusting and low. Understand this. You are nothing like Our Lady and Kanye is not Jesus. Stop thinking you are religious figures. You are not,” another person said.

Her candle went on sale on the Kimoji website, and pictures promoting it were shared to Instagram

While a third wrote, “What has happened to you Kim??? Are you that desperate for attention that you have to mock a religious figure?”

You get the idea…

But everything else aside, does she not find it weird that she's imagining herself as the holy mother, while Kanye has always referred to himself as Jesus, well, Yeezus?

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