Haunting is the creepy new dating trend

Dating is a complicated business these days. From someone ghosting you and vanishing after a few dates, to the rise of cushioning, there are more things than ever to watch out for on the hunt for Mr or Ms Right.

Enter haunting – the new relationship trend you’ve either experienced or been guilty of, and probably didn’t even know.

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According to Cosmopolitan, haunting is all about someone you’ve met and connected with, but for whatever reason decided to go your separate ways.

But somehow, these people still have an interest in you – an interest you get notified of when you see they’ve been looking at your Instagram stories or Snapchat.

They might not want to be in your real life, but haunters can still pop up in your online one. Photo: Getty

“A haunt is a ghost from a previous relationship (or fling) that somehow got stuck in your online realm,” explains Cosmo.

“They show up to spook you without any warning and, because they come and go when they please, the only way to get rid of them is to wait until they decide to go haunt someone else. There's no ghostbusters for a haunted ex.”

While it might give you a bit of a jolt to see your former fling keeping tabs on you, there’s not really much you can do about it.

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For someone like Sarah (not her real name) who dated her BF for 10 months before he moved interstate, it’s tough not speaking to him anymore – but knowing he’s constantly spying on her via Snapchat.

"Knowing he always watches makes it seem like it would be less weird for me to [text him]. But I think that's entirely a product of my own mind,” Sarah tells Cosmo. “His unrelenting social media presence has just made it hard to forget about him."

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