Woman covers entire body in peel off face mask

There’s something strangely satisfying about peeling off a face mask and reveling in how fresh your skin feels.

Woman covers entire body in black face mask

Woman covers entire body in black face mask

Imagine that feeling all over your entire body.

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Curiosity got the better of Youtube star Izabela Stress who decided to one-up all those mask peeling videos out there – and she's clearly struck a beauty chord with over 3.5 million people watching her horrific but hypnotic video.

The Youtube star completely covers her arms and legs in the 11 minute video. Photo: Youtube

Wearing denim hotpants and a crop top, Izabela can be seen rubbing the black mask all over her body, stopping only at her ankles and her wrists.

Izabela enlists a helper to entirely coat her arms and back, and finally her face.

Izabela even needs a helper to make sure she doesn't miss one spot. Photo: Youtube

Then comes the fun/feral part.

With Izabela looking like she’s wearing stockings or some sort of full body wetsuit, she gets to work ripping off the mask.

Watching Izabela peel everything off is strangely satisfying. Photo: Youtube

It doesn’t sound pleasant. We can't imagine it would be entirely painless either.

We’re sure her completely unclogged pores are thanking her for it though!

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