Outrage over viral nose hair waxing video

Nose-hair waxing video goes viral

Nose-hair waxing video goes viral

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Sepi Balini opened up on Instagram about just how she deals with nose hair, and the video is quickly going viral.

Unfortunately for the pain-averse, Balini recommends waxing from the inside of your nostrils.

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Balini joked her way through the process, which consists of two wax-covered dowels all up in her nostrils.

Beauty blogger Sepi Ballini uploaded a video while she was getting her nose-hair removed. Photo: Instagram

She barely even cringes — just a quick “ouch” — when her aesthetician yanks out the hair.

“You gotta do what you gotta do … NOSE HAIR BE GONE! I only wax the front, not all the way. I know nose hair is necessary,” she wrote of the waxing appointment at beauty-gal-beloved salon Anastasia Beverly Hills.

After more than 3 million views, commenters have sounded off with their opinions on nose-hair removal.

One commenter has a patriarchal opposition to the practice: “As soon as we find out we can wax something, we do it.”

"You gotta do what you gotta do," the blogger captioned the video. Photo: Instagram

Another is more worried about the negative effects of waxing: “Nose hairs serve a purpose. If a person has long nose hairs, a little trimming will do, without compromising your health.” (The commenter is right: Nasal hairs prevent airborne pathogens from entering the body’s respiratory system.)

However, according to aesthetician Zofia Dragan of Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa, nose-hair removal is a fact of life — and if it hasn’t come for you yet, it may soon.

“In my opinion, all men and some women will eventually need to wax their nose hairs,” Dragan tells Yahoo Beauty.

But people were outraged at the blogger for removing her hair, claiming it's necessary. Photo: Instagram

“Some guys prefer to use tweezers or electric hair removers, but waxing really is the best method for this type of hair removal and maintenance for both sexes.”

Waxing has lots of pros, including “the cleanest outcome and results, plus it is best for your skin’s health and condition.”

The bad news? You too may one day have to borrow a page from dads everywhere and remove your nose hair.

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