The crazy reason Posh has trademarked Harper's name


Harper Beckham may have only just started school, but according to her famous family, her career is a top priority.

Victoria Beckham has registered her daughter’s name for branded merchandise such as makeup, toys, and clothing, and for use in the entertainment industry, reveals a new report.

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Victoria also registered her sons, Brooklyn Beckham, 18, Romeo Beckham, 14, and Cruz Beckham, 12, with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office; however, Oliver Bray of the law firm RPC told the Daily Mail that trademarking the name of a 5-year-old who is not a celebrity in her own right is unusual.

A new report reveals Posh has trademarked her daughter's name in preparation for things to come. Photo: Instagram

“It normally happens when your career is getting going and a lawyer says, ‘Let’s get some protection in place,’” he told the publication. “As opposed to the future-proofing, which is what Victoria Beckham has done with her children. It may be a sign of the times with social media and the whole way in which celebrities are exploited.”

He continued: “In order to give you more levers to control your image, a trademark is an obvious place to go, and it might be that society is driving the Beckhams to use these levers to protect their children in this more manipulative world in which we live. But from another point of view, you could call it savvy and looking to the future.”

The couple have previously said they want to be strict but fair parents. Photo: Instagram

Whatever the Beckham’s motivations, it’s clear that Victoria and David are raising their children with a work ethic.

In 2015, David told Late Late Show host James Corden that Brooklyn had to earn his own spending money by working in a local coffee shop in London. “[Kids] want new sneakers, they want new soccer boots,” said Beckham. “It came to the point where he turned 14, 14-and-a-half, and I thought, ‘You know, if you want something, then go and work and you’ve got your own money.’”

Eldest son Brooklyn has already been busy forging his career as a photographer. Photo: Instagram

“So much to his dismay, we packed him off to the French café, and he works there every Saturday and Sunday for a few hours and gets his own pocket money.”

Brooklyn made an appearance in a 2015 music video for the British boy band the Vamps, but he also loves taking photos — the teen’s photography book 'What I See' will be published on June 29 under Penguin Books U.K.

With a singer mum and footballer dad, it's no wonder the kids are pursuing careers in the public eye. Photo: Instagram

Romeo has also worked as a model for Burberry, and Cruz has launched a singing career. Cruz’s single 'If Every Day Was Christmas' was released in December, and the video for the catchy tune stars every member of the Beckham family, except for Victoria.

Who knows what Harper’s future will bring, but she’s clearly prepared for anything.

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