With everything that went on in 2016, everyone dreamed of escaping somewhere on holiday. These were the most-searched-for places - according to Google.

Every year between October and November, Sweden's Icehotel is built from thousands of tons of ice and “snice” (that’s snow-ice) - but this year they aren’t going to let it melt at the end of …

As 2016 comes towards a close and the final credits for the year are about to roll, we predict which destinations will benefit from the Hollywood treatment in 2017.

From ultra-luxe to barefoot camping, there is an island in Queensland that caters for every taste. Check out these hidden tropical escapes.

Breathtaking scenery, lush surrounds and interesting formations – that’s just a taste of what the best national parks around the globe have to offer. Here is our list of 10 national parks you …

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