10 DIY Face Masks You Can Whip Up In The Kitchen

Sarah Carty

If you like relaxation, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and smelling like coconuts and lemon juice, then there's a DIY face mask out there for you.

While we all love a leisurely trip to the salon, let's face it, it can be an absolute nightmare trying to find the time at the end of a long hard week of working.

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Check out the the videos below to see our favourite at-home masks that can be whipped up as you cook your dinner.

From the clips, it's pretty obvious all you need is a bit of coconut oil, olive oil, natural yoghurt and lemon juice and you've got yourself a purifying face mask.

Now we're off to give these a go.

Turmeric face mask for oily and dry skin
Pumpkin face mask
Sheet mask with witch hazel
Pore minimizing mask
Recovery mask
Avocado face mask

Coffee face mask
Green tea face mask
Exfoliating sugar face mask