10 of the best microwave hacks

Kristine Tarbert

Do you only use your microwave to re-heat leftovers?

Well it’s time to learn what else you can use this staple appliance for.

Experts at Good Housekeeping magazine have put together a list of the best microwave hacks and we can’t get over how much time you could save.

Your microwave isn't just for leftovers. Photo: Getty

Here are 10 things you can use a microwave for that you might never have thought of.

Microwaved potato chips
Slice a potato, as thinly as possible and coat them lightly in oil. Lay the slices on a sheet of baking paper, sprinkle with salt and microwave in one-minute bursts until golden and crisp. It should take just four minutes.

Homemade chips are the best. Photo: Getty

French toast in a mug – say what?
Crack an egg into a mug, add a splash of milk, a teaspoon of sugar and some vanilla extract and whisk. Tear a slice of bread into pieces and add to the mug until it's coated. Microwave in one-minute bursts until cooked. Experts say it took them three minutes.

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Lemon juicer
If you put your lemons in the microwave before cutting or juicing them it will make them easier to squeeze - and you'll end up with a lot more juice.

Use your microwave to do french toast. Photo: Getty

Super quickmeringues – just 40 seconds
Mix egg whites and icing sugar together in a bowl. Knead the mixture until smooth and divide it up into even balls. Line the microwave with baking paper, and microwave four balls at a time for 40 seconds exactly.

Bacon, bacon,bacon
Put your rashers on a paper towel and fold over to it’s covered. Turn it over so the seam is on the bottom and put on a place. Microwave for three to four minutes until crispy. Hmmm bacon.

Poached eggs
This is a staple already. Just fill a mug with water until it's a third full and microwave it for 30 seconds on high. Crack an egg in, cover with a plate, and cook on low for one minute. Check then to see how cooked it is, and heat in 10-second bursts until the egg looks right to you.

Everyone's favourite breakfast at work. Photo: Getty

Curd – without the curdling
Making fruit curd is now easier than ever. Microwaving the mixture instead of cooking it in the pan can eliminate the chance of you creating lemon-flavoured scrambled eggs.

Mug cakes
Another favourite, that sometimes doesn’t always goes to plan. But they can work - just make sure you're following a trusted recipe.

Amazing mug cakes, if they don't explode. Photo: Getty

Fry onions
To do it properly could take 15 minutes but with a microwave they’ll be ready in just four. Put the chopped onions into a bowl, add a spoon of water, cover with a plate, and cook on high. Then transfer to your pan and continue on with whatever you were cooking.

Sticky-date puddings – and more
Just use baking paper to cover the pudding mixture and you should be tucking into your dessert in seconds.

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