100-year-old Annabelle-style doll is ‘haunting’ this woman

Olivia Morris

As if the movie Annabelle isn’t already scary enough for you, turns out the doll may actually exist in real-life.

A woman from the UK may have been “haunted” by her 100-year-old Annabelle-style doll.

A UK-based woman has is being 'haunted' by her own Annabelle-style doll which is 100-years-old. Source: New Line Cinema

Speaking to the Daily Record, Glasgow-native Natalie has admitted some strange things have been going on in her life since she inherited the doll from her a friend of father-in-law.

“She looks a bit creepy but I wasn’t freaked out when I saw her. I have four dogs but they are terrified of her and won’t go in the same room,” she told the outlet.

In a video she shows the doll on the floor with one of her dogs barking and growling at it, while keeping a clear distance.

Weirdly enough, Natalie actually named the doll “Annabelle” after the one in the hit horror film.

“But now I’m starting to think there is something going on,” she admitted.

If that was us, we would be absolutely terrified! Source: Getty

In another clip captured on video the 33-year-old is trying to take a selfie but apparently hit record by accident then a “knife flew off the shelf and the cupboard door swung open”.

She also recalls an incident when one of her friends was staying over and they “heard a tapping noise” outside their door.

Natalie has now gotten rid of the doll. Source: Facebook

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In the morning the doll was outside the guest’s room! Freaky or what?!

We would've have been out of there straight away if that was us!

The doll has now been gotten rid of, according to the publication, so hopefully that will be an end to the creepy events!

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