Teen posts advert selling her virginity for $250,000

Olivia Morris

A teenager, claiming to be 19-years-old, has posted a classified advert online selling her virginity for $250,000.

The advertisement was posted on classifieds site Locanto on Thursday titled “Virgin seeks you, Sydney city”.

A shot of the 19-year-old in her undies. Source: Locanta

The teen described herself as having an athletic body, being 161cm (5ft 2) tall and weighing 44 kilos.

She wrote: “Hey, I am a 19 years old girl who wants to sell her virginity [sic].”

She posted the advert on a classifieds site. Source: Locanto
The teen posted a series of revealing shots presumably to entice buyers. Source: Locanto

Along with the advert she posted a series of photos in her underwear showing off her half-naked body.

There is even one close-up shot of the teen in a thong showing off her bum.

Teen, claiming to be 19, wants to selling virginity for $250,000. Source: Locanto

The woman posted had a list of conditions she expected from the sale including meeting at a restaurant for dinner and the sexual encounter needed to happen in a hotel which could be chosen at the discretion of the buyer.

She also wrote: “If I don’t want to do this, I can rescind from the deal.”

It was also stipulated in the advert that a condom must be used and there would be “no sex toys and no violence” nor was there filming allowed.

The post finished stating the price was $250,000 and that the teen was “open for everything.”

The identity of the seller is unknown.

The teen posted a series of revealing shots presumably to entice buyers. Source: Locanto

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18-year-old model Aleexandra Kefren hit headlines in March offering to sell her virginity for a massive $1.5 million but she managed to score double that amount selling it for $3.2 million.

Aleexandra admitted she opted to sell her virginity in order to fund her future university fees and buy a home for her parents, who are struggling financially.

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