Your 2016 Horoscope Predictions Are Here

Yasmin Boland


More and more we hear about people practising the art of 'mindfulness'. In other words, taking the time to savour life, and find some inner peace. If you want to jump on the mindfulness bandwagon in 2016, you have celestial support. The March New Moon eclipse is in the deepest part of your chart. It makes it the ideal year for you to take up anything which reveals your own hidden depths. Try meditation or chi gung or yoga.

Get ready for: You really have all the cosmic support you need to enjoy life this coming year. However you have to work through your fears to get to the 'good stuff'.

Love life: Love-wise, the second half of 2016 is very promising. If you're single and looking for new love, you could find it after September. Attached? You and your partner have the best stars you've had for fun together for more than 10 years. Use them or lose them!

Career and money: At work, you have what it takes to be a real power player in your field. If you're not already a boss, you could be by the end of the year. Certainly your daily duties look set to change.

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Hopefully the hard slog of the past few years feels well and truly behind you now. The efforts you put in to do what you had to do should have left you feeling secure, if a little (exhausted). Now here comes 2016, promising you lots more fun. There are two New Moon eclipses this year and both are urging you to stop worrying and to start letting your hair down.

Get ready for: Some Taureans have felt a little as though they lost their spark in recent years. But guess what? It's back.

Love life: When it comes to romance, being creative and enjoying time with your kids, you have all the celestial boxes ticked in 2016. And socially? You're more popular than you have been in years. Expect less work and more invitations.

Career and money: Taureans who are worried about money, take note; this is the year to get your finances in order. If you need to, see a financial advisor who can help you to make some long term financial plans. What do you want for yourself and your family? Saturn will help you to secure your financial future. There is nothing to fear except fear connected to money! The more realistic you can be, the better.

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You have what really can only be described as "pretty awesome Stars" this year. Not to say you're going to have your best year ever. Frankly, some of the celestial influences coming your way are quite challenging. But they are going to show you what you're made of and what you're capable of. Bear that in mind when you feel challenged.

Get ready for: All your most important lessons in 2016 will come from other people. So if someone is really annoying you, don't swat them away, see what they/the Universe is teaching you!

Love life: It's in the realm of relationships that a lot of the biggest tests will come for you in 2016. If you're not happy with your partner, you need to work on it very hard - it's quite possibly make or break time. If you do work hard on your love life now, you will be rewarded with a solid and secure relationship that is probably going to be 'for life'.

Career and money: At work, there's a New Moon eclipse in your Ambitions Zone in early March. If you're not inspired by what you do, then it might be time for you to find something else to do with your 9-5 (or 8-6!)

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If you want to see the world, it's a great year for you to do it, thanks to a New Moon eclipse in your Travel Zone. Cancerians are famously home-loving, but that certainly doesn't mean you don't like adventure - you do! You just like to take some creative comforts and hopefully your family with you, when you go!

Ditto if you have plans to study this year. It's a wonderful year for it and you have full cosmic support, whether you're looking at weekend workshops or something more time-consuming.

The other major gift 2016 has to offer you is a wonderful and rare chance to change the way you think. "What's the good of that?" you might ask. Well, according to ancient wisdom and New Age theory, we create our reality with our thoughts. If you have got into the habit of thinking negatively these past few years, it's time to retrain your brain. Monitor your thoughts and swerve them towards positivity. You could get some amazing results.

Love life: Remember, our thoughts truly do create our life. As Oprah says "the more we praise and celebrate our life, the more we have to praise and celebrate!" Love-wise, avoid power struggles for best results.

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This is a turnaround for you regarding relationships. The mid-August eclipse is in your Love Zone. Relationships which have reached their Enjoy By date will very likely be let go.

Get ready for: Meanwhile, the feel-good planet Jupiter is in your Self-Esteem Zone until September and he's reminding you that you need to celebrate your own fabulousness (everyone knows Leos are fab!) The higher you rate yourself, the higher other people will rate you. But if someone continually makes you feel less than great, it could be time to cut the ties.

Love life: Don't worry! If your relationships are strong, the eclipse will do no harm! In fact, it's just the Universe shining a bright light on all your one-to-one connections, so you can work harder to make the good ones work, and to allow you to release any negative ones. This includes relationships with your partner, your ex, even your boss. Anyone who qualifies as a VIP. So think about who you want to take into the future with you and who you … don’t. One criteria to use as you decide this is "Who makes me feel good?"

Career and money: Also note that Jupiter in 2016 will be good for your finances too. Just don't over-spend!

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Virgos are famously mild-mannered and relatively well-behaved (not counting when they're being a bit kinky behind closed bedroom doors!) But this year, well, it's safe to say you could be changing the habits of a lifetime.

You have the planet of fun, exuberance, exaggeration and adventure, aka Jupiter, in your sign until September. This is a once-every-12-years event so make the most of it! How? Expect the best, think big, live large, see the glass as half-full, and so on. Drop any tendency to niggle, doubt or criticise. Be open to adventure and anything else which opens your mind, including study, even if you're afraid you're too old for it (you're not!)

Get ready for: It's all a matter of deciding what you want for yourself. Once you know that, do what you have to do. Yes, you can do it.

Love life: The other crucial astro-events for you this year are eclipses in your sign and your Love Zone. This means the cosmic spotlight is well and truly on you, and you need to decide how you want the rest of your life to run. No pressure! But you really can change your life in general and your love life specifically this year.

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You're one of the signs 'lucky' enough to have eclipse energy around you in 2016. The word 'lucky' is inverted commas for two reasons.

Firstly, actually it's not luck, it's perfect timing. The Universe knows you are ripe for change. Secondly, let's just say that 'lucky' is one way of looking at eclipses! Actually they are very intense energies which can force our hand, pushing us towards what's best for us and onto the path we are meant to be on. However sometimes we humans prefer to sit tight with nothing changing - that's when eclipses can be rather dramatic.

Whatever you do, don't panic! But know that some things will change this year, almost certainly ultimately for the better. For some, it will be stepping up professionally, being recognised for your hard work and/or being thrust into the spotlight, ready or not. For others, relationship changes which you knew had to happen await. For others still, it will be time to stop stalling and to start following your dreams, once again, ready or not!

Get ready for: Overall, by September you will be on one of the luckiest cycles you've enjoyed for over a decade. So release what needs to be let go and chase your dreams!

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Your challenge in 2016, should you choose to accept it, is to get really clear on how amazing you are; to develop a rock-solid belief in yourself and what you have to offer; and to get your finances really stable so that you feel secure about your future.

The more you doubt that you're amazing, the more you need to work really hard on turning those ideas around. As a starting point, are you surrounding yourself with people who believe in you or who constantly second-guess and question you? Without being cruel, you need to let the toxic people go. Also, are you spending and saving wisely? Think about these questions in 2016, as Saturn moves through your Second House, could set you up for the future, emotionally and financially.

One very important idea to keep in mind this year is that your income is closely tied to your self-worth. Also, as you have magical Pluto in your Communications and Mind Zone, 'your word is your wand', as the old saying goes. So you need to talk about what pleases you, not about what you don't like or want.

Get ready for: Eradicate complaining in 2016. You will be amazed at how your transforming it will be.

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So here you are, Sagittarius, with hard-to-deal with Saturn in your sign, all year long. Are you feeling exhausted yet? Admittedly, it's a very dreary energy - even an upbeat sign such as yourself will be hard-pressed to just shrug Saturn off! But wait, because there's more to Saturn than this!
Saturn is the work planet of the zodiac, which is why he can be so demanding. However if you work with him, he can be the making of you. In your career, for example, take on as much as you can, when asked. The projects you do now will stand you in good professional stead for years to come. If you stop pushing against your duties, you could even find yourself enjoying them. And whether you work for a living or you're a home-maker, use the Saturn energy to get things in order.

Make lists of how you want your life, your career, your family, home, even your holidays to be, and work methodically through them (Saturn loves a list). Make some long-term plans for your future - a five year plan is a wonderful idea.

Get ready for: Another plus; by September, you're in a super-enjoyable social cycle, too so you'll be better able to balance work and fun.

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Don't take this the wrong way but 2016 is a great year for you to do some therapy, be it with a professional counsellor, a friend, or just one your own. What you need to do is work through your fears.

How? Think about where they came from and why they worry you so much. Looking at your fears can often make it plain to you that worrying about them won't actually help. It's the right time to do this astrologically as fearful Saturn wades through your Fear Zone. The harder you work on this, the better the next few years will be.

That's the demanding side of 2016 for you. The positive is that January to September looks great for travel and study. Get away, if you can, and a good time is pretty much guaranteed. And if you choose to study, you can excel.

Career and money: By September, when Jupiter changes signs, the time will be right for you to work hard like only a Capricorn can. You could achieve a 12-year career high. In your personal life, it's still a bit of a roller coaster - the more you just allow others to do their thing without trying to control them, the happier everyone will be.

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This year is an eclipse year for you, so big changes are possible.

It heralds the end of one era and therefore the start of a new one. If you want to change the way others see you or make other major life changes, use the first half of the year to get things in place (for example, if you want to get fit, or change your job, or move house or even move country). The eclipse affecting most you takes place under the Full Moon in mid-August. It's your chance to move on from the past somehow.

Note that with eclipses, problems start if we cling on and pretend everything is ok when it's not. Release what needs to be released before the Universe releases it for you. Get the picture?

The good news in all this is that Jupiter will be supporting you financially, up to September. It's a very good time for you to work collaboratively with someone else. If you're thinking about going into a business deal with someone, the stars totally support you.

Socially, the year may be quieter than usual. All the better for you to think about yourself a bit more than usual!

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There are so many possibilities and opportunities in your chart this year that it's hard to know where to start.

When it comes to love and relationships, you have lucky Jupiter in your Love Zone between now and September. This happens only once every 12 years so you need to make the most of it. If you're single and open to love, this is your chance to get out there and explore your options. Tell supportive friends you're open to a new relationship and make your search for love a fun adventure you take with them. If you're attached, you and your beloved should have an overall great time in 2016. If you can travel together, it promises to be very enjoyable.

Love life: And if you and your partner are coming to the end of the road? Well, 2016 could be the year you make your bid for freedom!

Career and money: At work, you could be under a lot of pressure but think of it like the short of pressure which makes a diamond!

Get ready for: Overall, 2016 is a key year for you. If you want to somehow reinvent yourself, do it now. Make your motto something along the lines of "Never mind the past, here comes 2016!"