Ian Thorpe: 'I couldn't be prouder today'

Amy Stevenson

Ian Thorpe has shared an emotional speech after the Australian public voted yes for marriage equality.

Speaking in front of hundreds who came together to celebrate the news in Sydney, the former Olympic swimmer said he couldn't be prouder to call himself an Australian following the overwhelming yes result.

"Today of all days I am proud to be and to call myself an Australian," Ian told the crowd. "The result today is a resounding endorsement and reconfirmation for people like you and like me."

Ian Thorpe shard an emotional speech after the marriage equality result. Pictured with partner Ryan Channing. Source: Instagram

The 35-year-old went on, thanking partner Ryan Channing, for his shared support in the "Yes" campaign, adding that he was grateful Ryan was be his side during the months of campaigning.

"After talking hearing everyone talk about the campaign and why they have been involved I have to say I am proud to involved in this campaign for 'Yes'. A campaign that was about a better Australia.

"I had to ask my partner about this and I was grateful that he was prepared to be a part of this campaign as well. I was happy and proud to know we could stand there together and know we represented something that meant so much to both of us," he said.

Ian spoke following the overwhelming yes result. Source: Channel 7
The swimmer thanked his partner Ryan for his support during the campaign. Source: Instagram

The gold medalist continued, saying that the result of the marriage equality survey should be a celebration for "all of us" regardless of your sexual orientation.

"Today should be a celebration for us all. Today is a day which reflects an Australia that I know and I love. We are a nation as diverse as any other and we are happy to share this place with each and every one of us, with a sense of equality, togetherness and the Australian sense of a fair go.

"We are at our best when we embrace all of our differences and realise when we bring them together we are far better than we would be otherwise."

Ian told the crowd

Ian concluded, saying the result shows that a vast majority of the country does not discriminate and urged the Australian government to pass the bill legalising same-sex marriage.

"Australia has waited long enough. Marriage equality does not impinge on the rights of anyone else in this country, but what it does do is bring us all together under the law. Sexuality does not discriminate and neither should you."

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