Magda Szubanski performs Irish jig during epic 'Yes' vote speech

Sarah Carty

She’s campaigned tirelessly for a ‘Yes’ vote for months now and on Wednesday Magda Szubanski gave a powerful speech after the landslide marriage equality results came in.

Over 12.7 million people voted in the survey, with 61.6 per cent of the Australian public ticking 'Yes' and endorsing same-sex marriage.

Taking to the stage at Prince Albert Park in Surry Hills, overwhelmed Kath & Kim star, Magda, couldn’t hide her emotion as she danced an Irish jig, while praising the people of the country she loves so much.

Magda Szubanski has given a powerful speech after Australian voted 'Yes' in a landslide victory on marriage equality. Photo: Channel 7
Over 12.7 million people voted in the survey, with 61.6 per cent of the Australian public ticking Yes, endorsing same-sex marriage. Photo: Getty Images

“We are so lucky to live in this country,” the 56-year-old started her speech.

“When you think about the other countries where just for being who we are we can be killed, bashed, pushed off a tower and this sends a message that this country does not stand for that sort of behavior.

“That this is a civilized country, this is a secular country that allows religious freedom and this is a country that believes in equality, justice.”

“We’ve had virtually no leadership in this, we have lead ourselves and so we can rely on the Australian people to do the bloody right thing. Go us!”

The much-loved entertainer then revealed that she had promised she would perform an Irish jig onstage if the ‘Yes’ vote came through.

Much to the delight of everyone in the park, Magda launched into her very own high knee dance.

Magda previously slammed claims that having same-sex marriage in Australia would "alter" society adding that there is a "really small percentage of the population" who are gay.

“You can’t breed us out of existence because we do originate mostly from straight people. But there does seem to be a constant number of roughly 10% of same-sex attracted people," she said during a heated discussion on Q&A.

"It’s not like there’s an army of us who are going to take over. We just want to have the same rights and protections."

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