Em Rusciano argument with boss exposed

Olivia Morris

With social media nowadays you can never be sure every conversation is totally private.

2Day FM radio host Em Rusciano was victim to just that as a heated conversation with her and her boss was overhead in an Instagram story. Awkward.

While her co-host Harley Breen was showing off the art of using a $20 note to pick his teeth, Em can be heard shouting. Watch the short clip above.

Em Rusciano's (here in 2016) small squabble with her 2Day FM boss was mistakenly exposed on Instagram. Source: Getty

The 38-year-old was apparently worked up over an assistant producer seen yawning in the background of an earlier video.

“No! When Harley’s being funny you don’t want a staff member yawning in the background,” she shouts to Jase Allen, Director of Content at 2Day FM.

The radio host - who recently went blonde - had a bit of an issue with one of the assistant producers yawning in the background of a video. Source: Instagram

Defending the producer Jase replies calmly: “He’s probably just tired… Sometimes I sit out here and I think you’re funny…”

Em, clearly fired up, interjects shouting: “I don’t give a f**k if you think I’m funny or not, mate!”

Clearly feeling slightly guilty Em later apologised and seemed to laugh about the small tiff with her boss.

All is well: Em cleared the air and apologised to her boss, Jase. She is pictured here at the Women of the Future awards in Sydney this week. Source: Getty

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“For anyone who might be watching our Instagram story today I want to apologise for my language,” she said while on-air.

She brushed off the argument saying she loved Jase “you stupid bald-headed idiot.”

It’s definitely a love-hate, brother-sister relationship she has with her boss, then.

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