4 epic animal escapes in the wild

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4 epic animal escapes in the wild

Ill-fated attack. Photo: YouTube

This plucky porcupine managed to get the better of a hungry leopard on the prowl in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Even with their speed and ferocious attack moves, this leopard met his match when it decided to tackle one of nature's best defended animals.

His lucky escape left the leopard with nothing but a face full of spines and us amazed, so we have gone into our archives to select our favourite videos of animals making a getaway.

This seal uses its agility and cunning to evade this monster Great White Shark off the US east coast.

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This lone zebra wasn’t paying attention and wandered into a pride of lions in the Masai Mara in Kenya. The aimless creature managed to look up at the last minute and retreat to safety across the river.

Although not in the wild, this giant panda attempted her very own ‘Great Escape’ from her enclosure in Chengdu, China. Even before this, the six-year-old giant panda, Ali Bang, had a reputation for being a troublemaker