5 airport hacks you’ve never heard of (that work!)

Brittany Jones Cooper
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5 airport hacks you’ve never heard of (that work!)

While we can’t control the airlines, there are a few things you can do to make your time more enjoyable. Use these hacks the next time you head to the airport.

1. Go to the left

When you’re going through security, pick the line to the left. Most travellers are right handed, so they automatically pick the right lane. As a result, studies have shown that the left line is typically shorter.

2. Bring a bottle

Is it just us, or has water gotten ridiculously expensive at the airport? I recently paid nearly four dollars for a bottle of Aquafina at LAX. Instead, bring an empty water bottle. Without water inside, you can easily take it through security, and once you’re in the terminal, you can fill it up as many times as you want at the drinking fountain.

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3. Screenshot your boarding pass

We’ve all been there: you download your boarding pass on your smartphone, but by the time you reach the boarding gate, you can’t seem to find it. Save yourself the headache and take a screenshot of your boarding pass. This way you don’t have to worry about your airline app freezing or timing out, and you can board with no delays.

4. Bring the power

People are really territorial over outlets at airports. So bring a power strip, and you’re guaranteed to have a place to charge your phone. Plus, letting others charge their devices on your power strip is a great way to make friends.

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5. Get a gate guide

Finally, download Gate Guru. This app will tell you everything you need to know about your airport - with tips from other travellers, info on where to eat, and maps of the airport. It will also alert you if your flight has changed gates, so you don’t end up running around the terminal.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Travel.