5 pieces of jewellery every woman should own

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Fun and fleeting jewellery pieces are tempting, sure, but they rarely stand the test of time.

When it comes to pulling your look together or finishing off an outfit (even if it’s just jeans and a tee), it’s the classic, never-out-of-style pieces that you’ll be reaching for time and time again.

Complete your jewellery wardrobe with a set of quality classics. Source: Cash Converters

If you’re clever about it, you can find pre-loved staples for a fraction of their actual value. So, where to start? Here are five of the core jewellery pieces every woman should own:

Diamond studs

A simple pair of good-quality diamond studs will serve you well day and night. Source: Cash Converters

No surprises here. A pair of diamond studs will go with absolutely everything and last forever. Our tip? Don’t save them for a special occasion – the great thing about these babies is that they’re a no-brainer for everyday wear. Subtle, chic and effortlessly stylish, diamond studs will elevate your look with the perfect amount of sparkle.

A great watch

You actually can afford a really good watch if you go pre-loved. Source: Cash Converters

Whether it’s an oversized, masculine style or a slimline profile, a classic watch is a long-term investment you’ll wear daily. Go for a clean, simple style with a high quality case of gold, silver, ceramic or titanium and a sturdy strap that won't wear out after a year. A great watch means you’ll look professional, polished and in-control (even when you don’t feel it!)

A signature necklace

A signature necklace such as this Tiffany number will give every outfit a little lift. Source: Cash Converters

This is the piece that becomes synonymous with your personality and everyday style. Yours might rock your initial, a meaningful symbol or even a locket. Maybe it was a gift from a loved one, maybe you bought it for yourself, but once you’ve found your signature necklace you’ll wear it all-day everyday ‘cos it goes with everything.

A simple, timeless bracelet

A simple, timeless bracelet will last a lifetime. Source: Cash Converters

From an understated bracelet to a single row of stunning diamonds (aka a tennis bracelet), a delicate, symmetrical design in your precious metal of choice looks gorgeous paired with a watch, as a building block for other bracelets or just on its own. It’s versatile, won’t get in the way and brings a good dose of style and sparkle to your everyday look.

A statement ring

It's not an item for every day – but you'll have a quality cocktail ring for life. Source: Cash Converters

All the rage during cocktail hour in the 1920s, today, a statement "cocktail" ring on your finger ensures great style (cocktail in hand, or not!). Make yours big, bold and bright – this is one piece that should look extra and demand all the attention.

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