5 Reasons To Walk

Start walking now. Here are the 5 most important reasons why:

  1. Walking is a cardiovascular exercise - it is good for your heart. Which is enough of a reason to walk in and of itself, but walking is good for your head, too. Walking is great for clearing your mind and rejuvenating. Because it is aerobic, it helps condition your heart -- you already know this, but it can condition your mind as well since you are releasing endorphins, enjoying nature, and doing something good for yourself. Walk alone one day and just "feel" the experience. Maybe I should have called this reasons number 1 and 2 -- oh well.
  1. Walking is weight bearing -- we build bone strength by carrying weight. Since your body is weight (lest I remind you), walking helps build lower body bone density which helps prevent osteoporosis. Check out my weighted WALKVEST (walkvest.com) to really build bone strength and bone density. And guess what? You need to pay attention to doing exercises that build bone density and prevent osteoporosis sooner than you think. We all begin losing bone density (it's a natural occurrence in us all) in our late 20s or early 30s. Read the stats. The bone loss process begins early -- people recognize it (unaware that it has been happening for years) when it is in the later stages and our bones are already brittle. But osteoporosis is preventable -- so start walking and do other weight bearing exercises (for your upper and lower body) now.
  1. Walking is cardiovascular. Did I say that before? I believe I did. But there are even more aerobic benefits to walking, like the fact that walking helps burn excess calories so you can lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. Should I have made this one number 1?
  1. Walking is free. We like that!
  1. Walking is beneficial to everyone. At any age or any fitness level, walking is a safe, effective and enjoyable exercise! OK, so this is 5, 6, and 7...just do it, you'll feel better and you'll look better!

Happy trails everyone,
Debbie Rocker