Meet the 50-year-old mum who gets 100 dates a month

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This glamorous mum-of-three has one of the most successful over-50 online dating profiles on an 'elite' dating website.

Tanya Jaksha, 50, from Nebraska in the US gets 'overwhelmed' by the number of messages she receives each month, especially from younger men.

In fact, she says she gets over 100 messages a month from potential suitors from her profile on the controversial Beautiful People site.

“I have had a lot of adventures,” she says, “One guy sent me a limo from another state, put me up in a hotel suite, took me to his company Christmas party, gave me a blank cheque to buy Christmas presents for all the women in his office, and something for myself of course. It was so fun.”

Tanya's been on some pretty glamorous dates. Photo: Caters

“But a great date for me can just be talking over a couple of drinks. Interesting conversation is my favourite thing and intelligence is a must.”

The Beautiful People website asks members to vote on whether other people can join the website, claiming it 'rejects' ugly people and only allows good-looking men and women to become members.

“I joined out of curiosity and to see if I could get in,” Tanya says, “When I was accepted I was flattered.”

“I don’t think people on the site are necessarily conventionally attractive.

“It’s a lot more like modelling. If you have a strong look, whatever it is, people on the site find you intriguing and vote ‘yes’. Beauty is more than just what’s on the outside.”

Tanya’s profile is now one of the most successful for members over the age of 50 and she puts it down to years of fighting the anti-ageing.

The mum of three is often praised for looking younger than her age. Photo: Caters

“I do often get compliments on how I look day to day, and the older I get the more I appreciate it,” she says.

“I put a lot of work into fighting aging and I know I don’t look like I did 20 years ago so every compliment is like a little victory.

“I realise most people are ok with aging gracefully, but I have always been interested in beauty and there are so many things available to us now to hold off the visible sings for as long as possible.

“It’s fascinating to me. It’s like a sport.”

To look after herself, Tanya makes sure she gets plenty of sleep and she also comes up with her own beauty creams.

“Getting enough sleep is the biggest thing for me. If I don’t get enough it shows all over my face the next day,” she says.

“It’s busy with three kids but I make time to take care of my skin. I came out of the womb obsessed with skin and I swear I was concocting my own face masks at the age of eight.

“I also read constantly. Learning new things keeps us interesting, and to me there is no beauty without brains.”

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