This $6 wine won an international prize

Bianca Soldani

Good news wine lovers! Sitting down to a special bottle of red on a Friday night doesn’t have to cost you more than a tenner.

Well, at least that’s what the judges at the Melbourne International Wine Competition think.

They’ve named budget bottles of Aldi and Coles wine as two of their best for 2017.

It doesn't need to be expensive to be good. Photo: Getty

Both made the list of 16 “double gold” winners after a blind tasting, but at $6.99 and $6 respectively, you wont be breaking the bank.

If you’re into Shiraz, the Aldi winner was their One Road South Australian Heathcote Shiraz from 2015, while Cab Sav drinkers can enjoy Coles’ St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon.

Some of the other winners, including a Dry Red Rhone Style Blends from McGuigan, and a Norfolk Rise Vineyard Shiraz, sit closer to the $20 mark, which is also fairly reasonable.

However there seems to be no stopping the market for discount wines!

Cheers to that! Photo: Getty

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