6 New Year's Resolutions you'll break

Carly Williams

It's safe to say we're all glad to see the back of 2016.

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But with bringing in the new year comes the hopes and dreams of being a better/fitter/wealthier person by applying cringe-worthy New Year's Resolutions.

Will the start of your 2017 be about daily green smoothies that slowly turn into a daily late by March?

Will you keep to your word about eating healthy in 2017?

Perhaps you'll buy that pilates membership and then never go?

We've teamed up with vlogger Brittney Lee Saunders to poke fun at the New Year's Resolutions we always break.

"I'm definitely setting resolutions this NYE so here's to hoping," Brittney explained to Be.

Want to quit the Netflix and snack habit this year?

Meanwhile Forbes reports only 8% of people see their New Year’s Resolutions through.

The rest of us fall off the wagon and into a spiral of skipped gym sessions, take away food boxes, and Netflix bingeing.

Brit takes NYE Resolutions to the next level.

But Brittney is all about giving it a red hot crack.

"This year I want to spend more time focusing on myself and my goals, I also want to work really hard on all of my social content," she said.

Brittney's New Year's Resolution is to work hard on her social content.

"Junk food is also at the top of my list to kick to the curb!"

But maybe Brit will start that one on Jan 1st since she's probably going to have some yummy treats on New Year's Eve.

"This year I'm staying in my home town of Newcastle. Myself and four of my best girlfriends are just going to have some drinks and nibbles at my new place and see where the night takes us!"

Sounds like a hoot!

Watch the video at the top of this article to remind yourself not to take New Year's Resolutions too seriously!

Don't drunk text the ex!

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