70-Year-Old Indian Woman Gives Birth

Kate Moffatt

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the age women should stop having children – but a woman in India has just managed to give birth for the first time at age 70.

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Daljinder Kaur and her husband Mohinder Singh Gill, 79, welcomed a healthy baby boy named Arman after undergoing two years of IVF treatment.

According to doctors, Kaur passed all screening tests with flying colours, leading them to believe her age was no issue.

“They have relatives who are ready to help take care of the baby,” said Anurag Bishnoi, embryologist and owner of the National Fertility and Test Tube Baby centre in Hisar. “And you can make anyone a guardian.

“For them it is a time of great happiness. Especially because her brother, also, didn’t have any children. They were two families, and both didn’t have children. In Indian law they don’t allow adoption after 45 years of age.”

Kaur herself said she thought God had heard their prayers by giving them a child, adding she felt like her life was complete.

“I am looking after the baby all by myself,” she told AFP. “I feel so full of energy. My husband is also very caring and helps me as much as he can.”

Gill told AFP he wasn't worried about the couple's age. “People say, what will happen to the child once we die. But I have full faith in God. God is omnipotent and omnipresent, he will take care of everything.”

Bishnoi added that Kaur had accepted donor eggs, and that it had taken three attempts for her to fall pregnant.

Although she’s definitely one of the oldest women to ever give birth, doctors suspect her age is hazy at best – and that she’s actually 72.

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“She has said she is five to seven years younger than her husband, and his birth certificate shows he was born on 12/04/1937,” explained Bishnoi.