'A Side of Delicious' is our favourite winter cocktail

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'A Side of Delicious' is our favorite winter cocktail

'A Side of Delicious' is our favorite winter cocktail  
  • 1 cocktail
  • Preparation time: PT10M
  • Cooking time: PT10M


45ml Hennessy V.S
20ml lemon juice
15ml creme de peche
2 sprays of cassia and lavender perfume
White sugar


1. Rim cocktail glass with citrus and dust lightly with white sugar on half the rim.
2. Add liquid ingredients to cocktail shaker with ice and shake liberally.
3. Strain into the sugar rimmed cocktail glass. Spray with perfume.

1. Steep cassia and lavender in overproof alcohol separately for 6 days (Belvedere Intense works well).
2. Strain and combine at 3 parts lavender to 3 parts cassia.