ABC For Kids - Star Reviews (The WotWots - Sneak-A-Peek A Zebra & The Fairies - Nursery Rhymes)

the WotWots - Sneak-A-Peek A Zebra

Review Team 1

These two new creatures from another world come to Planet Earth on their spaceship Sneak-A-Peek to explore all the new and different things they find on Earth. This brother and sister team - SpottyWot and DottyWot - zoom around Earth on their hovercraft-style seats and discover a zoo! They are fascinated by the stripy Zebra they see and set out to find other animals. In between their adventures, SpottyWot and DottyWot spend time on their ship, drawing pictures on SpottyWot's whiteboard or watching DottyWot use her musical keyboard to watch short clips of their discoveries on their computer. Kids of all ages will love it!!

I'd never seen the WotWots before mum put on this DVD, and it took me a while to get into it but now I love it! The little boy and girl aliens are always moving around and looking at new things. I love the way they zoom around on their special chairs and it was funny when SpottyWot wanted to keep looking at his shadow. I really like all the zoo animals in this show; it was my favourite thing to watch!

Review Team 2

This Australian show seems a cross between the UK hits Teletubbies and In the Night Garden, with a narrator cheerily interacting with unintelligible creatures who speak and act like pre-verbal toddlers. In the WotWots, we see a range of Aussie creatures on display as well as alien-like characters who ask questions about our flora and fauna. It's a cross between real-life footage and digital animation, and is suitable for the under-fives, broken up into 10-minute episodes.

I keep asking Mummy to put the "Wots" back on, and play the whole thing through. I like the sounds DottyWot and SpottyWot make! They are asked questions about life in their spaceship and learn heaps about Australian animals, food, and nature.

Review Team 3

Two very inquisitive twins SpottyWot and DottyWot visit from outer space to explore our planet. The pink and blue aliens are energetic and love adventure, they are soft and cuddly to look at and look after each other like all brothers and sisters should. Quite a different approach to children's entertainment but it seems to work!

I really liked watching the WotWots and asked mummy to play it again after it had finished. It was fun watching them explore lots of new things; I enjoy exploring too so this DVD is extra special.

The Fairies - Nursery Rhymes

Review Team 1

This DVD is sure to appeal to children with its bright and vibrant characters! The Fairies share their magical world while singing classic nursery rhymes. Some of the nursery rhymes have been given a 'pinch of fairy dust' and changed a little to fit with the The Fairies magical world, but are so enjoyable and engaging that you hardly notice. The energy of all characters definitely makes the children want to get up and dance along, which is great. This DVD is great to have on standby for a rainy day for the children to burn up some energy. Well worth a watch, and as Harmony and Rhapsody say "Fan-Fairy-Tastic!'

Daisy and Lucy
Lucy and I liked this DVD very much. We sang some of the songs together. My favourite song is the 'Hokey, Pokey'. Mummy, Lucy and I danced that song together, it was so fun. The Fairies are very pretty and they know lots of songs. Some of the songs I know from Kindy, but some are new songs. The little Ballerinas were very nice and I liked The Fairies too as well as Barnaby and Wizard. I liked singing and dancing to the nursery rhymes on The Fairies DVD with Lucy, we are going to do them together again tomorrow and then again after that.

Review Team 2

Girls will be mesmerised by the beautiful dancing & costumes, and enchanted by The Fairies and boys under 5 will appreciate the uplifting beat of the well known nursery rhymes. I doubt any preschooler will be able to resist dancing along, or at least singing to classics like Twinkle Twinkle.

My little brother who is two, LOVED this show. He did all the movements he knew. My girlfriends in pre-primary would love it too as The Fairies had big pink dresses on and there was lots of flowers and sparkly stuff. I know the songs from when I was in kindy.