Ada Nicodemou falls victim to Facebook scam

Rebekah Scanlan

Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou has taken to social media to reveal she's the victim of a Facebook scam, after images of her were used to promote diet pills.

The Australian actress has said the claims are completely 'false and untrue' and reassured fans her figure is down to 'hard work and exercise.'

"It has come to my attention that there is an article circulating which states that I have been using a certain weight loss product, the 40-year-old said in a post shared on her Instagram account.

Ada has taken to social media to distance herself from the advert circulation online that claims she uses their diet pills. Source: Instagram/AdaNicodemou
The Home and Away actress shut down the reports she uses the diet pills, which has been called a 'scam' by her ex Chrys. Source: Getty

"This is all very false and untrue," she added, urging people not to believe everything they read. "Hard work / exercise and healthy is what it comes down to."

It was Ada's former partner Chrys Xippo that first highlighted she was being used in a fake marketing campaign, when he shared screengrabs of the Facebook advert on his social media.

Her ex revealed the scam with this post. Source: Instagram
The pair share a son together before splitting in 2015. Source: Getty

"These clowns using my (moreso my exes) image. Calling me a ruthless warden to then promote some bs weightloss pill..." he wrote. "Get your sh*t together @facebook and clamp down on these scamming sites."

The pair split in 2015 and share a son, Johnas.

Photos of them from before their break up were used in the paid advertisement on the social media site.

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