Adam Lambert: ‘People Aren’t Stupid’

Jessica Clark

Talking to Adam Lambert, it’s easy to see that he isn’t one to shy away from the truth. It’s something that his fans - known as Glamberts- love most about him, which is why he is always happy to share with them his thoughts, feelings and problems.

"I feel like people aren’t stupid," he tells Yahoo7 Music.

"I hate when I see that in the entertainment industry, when people take the public’s intelligence for granted. People know what’s up."

Ever since he took the title of runner-up in the eighth season of talent show juggernaut American Idol in 2009, Lambert says he realised being 'real' was an important part of being famous.

Lambert describe his new release as a

"From the get go, I kind of realised I can go about this one of two ways: I can be this persona that’s not actually authentic, or I could just make things easier on myself and just be myself," he says.

The singer’s new album - The Original High, releasing on June 12 - is his first in three years, with Lambert describing it as a "much more honest" approach to making music.

"It’s a different sound, for sure. In the production, in the sonics of it, and emotionally," he tells us.

"It’s a bit less theatrical than I think things I’ve done in the past were. I really wanted to make music that really touched people and was really emotional."

If there was any doubt the new release is close to Adam’s heart, just take a look at his Instagram, where he recently showed off a new addition to his tattoo collection.

"The album is very near to me - literally, now, it’s very near to’s on my chest," he laughs.

Lambert celebrates the release of his new album with a tattoo, of course. Photo: Instagram

"But I really believe in it, I feel like it’s a really great representation of who I am and where I am right now in my life and where I’ve been," he says.

Lambert reveals the album is a "retrospective of my personal growth", and is his way of admitting to himself and his fans that he is "still searching...still longing for the answers and for certain things."

"I find that that’s pretty common, that we’re all kind of asking questions, like 'Is this it? Is this what I want? Is this the answer, is this the truth?'"

See? We told you he was honest.

Apart from his emotional growth, the singer is the first to admit that he has come a long way since his days performing on American Idol; his most recent jaunt on stage was filling the very big shoes of frontman Freddie Mercury on a worldwide tour with Queen.

How exactly does this relate to his latest album? Lambert collaborated with legendary Queen songwriter and guitarist Brian May on the oh-so-rock-and-roll track, Lucy.

Adam performing with Queen earlier this year in Berlin. Photo: Getty Images

"I’m really excited that he was able to be a part of it, I think it kind of connects the dots a little bit," Adam says.

"I kind of knew in the back of my head that it would be cool to work together on my album and I played [the demo version] of it for him and I said, 'Would you want to play on this?'".

May obviously obliged, and the pair got together in an L.A. studio and "laid it down in one afternoon."

The best part for Adam? "I was so excited that I got a classic Brian May guitar solo on there!"

Lambert worked with Swedish singer-of-the-moment Tove Lo on the track Rumours, and also teamed up with music producers Max Martin and Shellback, who have previously worked with Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Pink, to produce the album.

Adam Lambert’s new album, The Original High, will be released on June 12, and is available for pre-order on iTunes now.